Sightseeing in Phoenix: 2024 Best Deals

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If you have ever wanted to soar into the sky in a hot air balloon – this is your chance! Be a part of the entire adventure from watching the balloon inflate, to riding along, to touching back down on the ground. Take your ride in an actual hand-crafted wicker basket, with plenty of space to move about. Whether you are a few hundred feet from the ground viewing the desert below or thousands of feet up for a scenic overlook view, you will be amazed during your once-in-a-lifetime flight in Arizona. Finish your adventure with a gourmet dinner in a beautiful setting in the desert and ceremonies that make you an official legendary balloonist. Details
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Travel to the Antelope Canyon and see Horseshoe Bend, one of the most famous formations along the Colorado River. You will see the famous Glen Canyon Dam with geology information available via your knowledgeable Navajo tour guide. This is an all-day experience with drinks, lunch, and snacks included. Take in these awe-inspiring views from Utah to Arizona as you make your way across state borders in this unique full-day tour. With this intimate small tour, you will get a chance to explore views off the beaten path. Details
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$380.00 $342.00
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Explore the Grand Canyon, one of the most amazing sites in the world, on an expertly guided tour. Experience a day filled with jaw dropping scenery in the desert town of Sedona and Red Rock State Park, followed by a visit to the Grand Canyon Village and picturesque views from the South Rim. This Sedona and Grand Canyon tour includes hotel pick-up and lunch. Details
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$270.00 $243.00
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This tour will get the most bang for your buck with four must-see local destinations in one package! With Wander Heart Adventures' Montezuma Castle, Jerome, and Sedona Day Tour, you will get to visit historical monuments like the Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot and breathtaking sights in the towns of Jerome and Sedona. Come and get a chance to learn all about the local history of the destinations and expert and fun anecdotes from the guide for all-around fun for the entire family! Details
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$225.00 $202.00
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Spend a day in the Old West complete with a gunfight at the O.K. Corral during this full-day, small-group Bisbee and Tombstone tour from Phoenix/Scottsdale. Explore the town of Tombstone and listen to cowboy stories while enjoying your lunch. See amazing historical buildings, an old movie set in Old Tuscon, and grab some amazing photos at Saguaro National Park. Details
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$250.00 $225.00
You Save: $25.00

Phoenix Sightseeing is a spiraling symphony of wonderful experiences and unforgettable sights. Imagine exploring this geographically diverse city, where sweeping deserts contrast with lush oases and towering red rocks provide a jaw-dropping backdrop. Sightseeing in Phoenix is a feast for the senses and will leave you enriched in more ways than one. 

The adventure kicks off under the brilliant blue skies. Phoenix Arizona welcomes you with its bright sunshine and gentle breeze. It serves as your constant companion as you embark on awe-inspiring mountain biking and hiking trails like those in Echo Canyon, South Mountain Park, and Camelback Mountain. Don't shy away from experiencing the beauty of the Sonoran Desert from a unique perspective - horseback riding. 

Make your excursion complete with a visit to the Desert Botanical Garden and Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece - Taliesin West. Just like the desert, its beauty is ever-changing and unceasing.

Sightseeing in Phoenix offers you layers of experiences, from the tranquility of its exotic flora and fauna to the exhilaration of its vibrant city culture.

Strolling through the vibrant Downtown Phoenix, you might find yourself captivated by the sounds of live music echoing melodically from the grand Musical Instrument Museum or exploring the wonders of the animal kingdom at the fascinating Phoenix Zoo, tucked away in the stunning landscapes of Papago Park.

However, Phoenix isn’t just about the outdoors. The city hums with a delightful cultural dynamism. Its streets are studded with gems of art, history, and architecture, promising myriad discoveries. Picture yourself strolling through various art galleries filled with inspiring exhibits or learning about Native American cultures at the meticulously curated Phoenix Art Museum and Heard Museum. 

Undeniably, a Phoenix sightseeing experience is a journey of diverse appeal, where every moment is vibrant, every view magnificent—leaving you with memories that echo long after your visit.

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