NYC Brunch Cruise - 2024 Best Deals

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Step aboard the Bateaux NYC for the most elegant New York City brunch cruise on the East and Hudson Rivers. You’ll be treated to a delicious 3-course plated brunch, bottomless mimosas, and DJ entertainment while taking in stunning views of the city skyline and iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and more! Details
Total Price: $154.92 (USD)
Step aboard the Signature NYC brunch cruise for sightseeing, buffet dining and bottomless mimosas on the Hudson and East Rivers! Departing from Pier 15, marvel at New York’s landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and One World Trade Center, from the comfort of the boat’s climate-controlled interior or open-air roof decks. Details
Total Price: $148.08 (USD)

Imagine starting your day with a delightful brunch cruise in NYC. As you glide past iconic landmarks in New York City, the skyline unfolds into a breathtaking spectacle, amplified by the daybreak light painting a spectacular scene.

Being on an NYC brunch cruise is an experience that marries culinary delight with a unique sightseeing adventure. You get to savor a spread of breakfast and lunch classics, including seasonal fruits, beer, wine, and more, presented in a buffet-style format or an a-la-carte menu, depending on the cruise. The dishes are typically an artful blend of traditional and contemporary, tailored to satisfy a variety of palates.

Embracing the brunch cruises, NYC is more than just about the food. It's about immersing yourself in the heart-stopping vistas of the city, which include sights such as the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the towering skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan.

You'll be sailing in comfort and style. The interiors of the cruise ships are usually designed with an eye for luxury, often showcasing panoramic windows that ensure you don't miss a single view. Live music or soft tunes often provide a soothing background soundtrack, adding a further layer to the sensory experience.

The bottomless brunch cruise NYC typically lasts for a couple of hours, providing ample time to enjoy your meal and take in the sights. Whether you're a local looking for something different to do on the weekend or a tourist hoping to enjoy New York in a new light, a brunch cruise is indeed a memorable outing.

So the next time you find yourself in New York City with a free morning, consider a brunch cruise; it's an unforgettable way to start your day in the Big Apple.

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