Moab Canyoneering: 2024 Best Deals

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Embark on a half-day canyoneering adventure with NAVTEC Expeditions Moab. Perfect for novices and seasoned enthusiasts alike, this tour includes a 4x4 ride to the little-known Dad Gum Canyon, expert guidance, and all necessary gear. Experience hiking, rappelling, down-climbing, stemming, and in some cases wading or swimming in this hidden gem. Details
Total Price: $165.96 (USD)

Imagine, if you will, the heart-stirring thrill of descending into the depths of a narrow slot, where sandstone walls painted in a myriad of earth tones tower above and the sky is just a slender ribbon of blue. Canyoneering Moab is the world’s premier destination for this highly recommended outdoor adventure. 

As you embark on the Moab canyoneering adventures, expect a manifold blend of rock climbing and canyoneering trip, navigating small cliff faces, and possibly even some swimming. The cool and often shadowy embrace of the canyon, punctuated by warm sunbeams filtering down from above, offers a welcome respite from the sizzling Utah sun. 

Remember that canyoneering is not just about physical prowess but also about immersing oneself in the moment and absorbing the raw beauty of nature around you. From exploring the water-carved Entrajo Canyon and Bow Arrow canyons, to rappelling down the iconic Morning Glory Arch, your full day canyoneering guide service in Moab Utah, guarantees a great time. With the stunning San Rafael Swell serving as a backdrop, you're bound to be captivated by the mesmerizing slot canyons that abound.

Course through narrow, water-carved passageways, negotiate challenging terrains, and marvel at the diverse array of intriguing rock formations. With an experienced canyoneering guide leading the way, your Moab canyoneering tours will be a thrilling blend of excitement and wonder.  Canyoneering here is an invitation to a different sight of nature - one accessed only by few and treasured by all those who do. 

At the day's end, the satisfaction of a good day's exertion merges with the tranquil murmur of the canyon, leaving you with an indelible impression - not just of a sport but of an experience that compels engagement with every facet of our splendid outdoors! 

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Embrace the adventure that awaits you at Moab. The trusted guides will lead you through a unique journey of canyoneering, filled with awe-inspiring arches, astonishing slot canyons, and legal rappelling spots. Whether exploring Morning Glory Arch or Bow and Arrow Canyon, each expedition promises an unparalleled experience. From climbing to paddling, every twist and turn is a step towards making unforgettable memories. With the convenience of booking through Tripster, your memorable escapade in Moab is just a click away. Start planning your escape, book now, and let the adventure begin!