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Visit Moose Mountain Adventure Golf for a fun-filled day of mini golf with friends and family. Conveniently located in the iconic Mall of America in Bloomington, this unique attraction offers visitors of all ages a thrilling golfing adventure through a creatively designed Northwoods-inspired course, complete with life-size moose, horses, and more. Details
Putt your way through the blacklight rock ‘n’ roll world of Rock of Ages Mini Golf. This neon-illuminated miniature golf course in Bloomington’s Mall of America offers an exciting adventure for all ages—from the '50s era to today's music. Play a creatively designed 18-hole course inspired by famous rock 'n' roll icons and pop culture references. Details

Imagine yourself immersed in the fun, friendly, and engaging world of mini golf in Minneapolis. The city and surrounding areas offer a compelling blend of thematic mini golf courses that exude creativity, charm, and challenge, providing a delightful escape for locals and visitors of all ages.

When it comes to playing mini golf in Minneapolis, the atmosphere is light-hearted, and the competition is always friendly. Minneapolis mini golf is undoubtedly a pastime that encapsulates the spirit of the city: an all-inclusive, family-friendly activity that encourages participation from everyone - whether you're a novice trying to enjoy a tee time or a seasoned veteran aiming for a hole-in-one.

Filled with beautifully crafted, fun-filled holes, each round promises a distinct experience that fuses traditional mini-golf elements with a dose of Minneapolis' distinct culture and vibe. Be prepared for magnificent landscapes, whimsical obstacles, and tricky adults-only courses that will keep you entertained, linked by trails of laughter, friendly competitiveness, and shared memories.

An indoor mini-golf in Minneapolis isn't just a game; it's an experience, a journey that artfully blends sport and recreation with bonding and adventure. Whether in the Twin Cities and Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, mini golf serves as an excellent backdrop for creating special moments that linger long in memory.

From whimsical pirate-themed courses to neo-futuristic settings teeming with neon lights, indoor mini golf in Minneapolis suits different moods and preferences.

The joy of Minneapolis indoor mini-golf extends beyond the game's tactical aspect. It's the smiles shared, the cheers on successful shots, and the awe of watching a truly unique putt. This is what it's truly like to experience mini golf in Minneapolis - a lively, enriching, and unforgettable affair.

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