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The Mentalist

V Theater • Las Vegas
Prepare to be amazed at The Mentalist Las Vegas, presented by Gerry McCambridge at the V Theater in Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Gerry wows the crowd with mind-reading, magic, and humor, delving into audience members' personal stories, and performing mind-boggling illusions. If you're a fan of The Mentalist, don't miss this captivating performance. Details
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$49.98 $29.99
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You Save: $19.99
Get ready for a hilarious parody magic show starring Lioz Shem Tov at Planet Hollywood’s V Theater on the Las Vegas Strip. As seen on Britain, Australia and America’s Got Talent, LIOZ - Master of Delusion captures audiences with its fast pace and endless surprising antics that will make you laugh out loud from start to finish. Details
TripAdvisor user rating 4.50 out of 5
38 Reviews
$89.98 $39.99
Total Price: $40.79 (USD)
You Save: $49.99

Thrilling performances, awe-inspiring stunts, and eye-popping sleight of hands – magic show Las Vegas will drive you to the edge. Witness the impossible and the extraordinary come to life with these magic shows in Las Vegas. From magic tricks and card tricks to paranormal mind reading magic and illusionists, the Entertainment Capital of the World has delighted audiences for decades.

Marvel at the renowned performers such as mentalist Frederic da Silva and David Copperfield, and performances including Mac King Comedy Magic Show and Piff The Magic Dragon to experience Las Vegas magic firsthand. Read on as we give you a handy guide of our expertly curated Las Vegas magic shows and delve into mesmerizing magic shows!

Adult Magic Show

If you’re looking to add something unique to your list, there is no shortage of astonishing shows in Las Vegas, and magic shows are the highlight of it all! Delight in a rotating cast of unique, talented, and humorous magicians on the Late Night Magic Las Vegas. And marvel at the performance of the famous illusionist, Douglas ``Lefty” Leferovich, as seen on America s Got Talent.

Watch in awe as this one-of-a-kind magic show presents sensational optical illusions, mind-boggling mentalism,and cliff-hanging stunts. Be mesmerized by the mix of edgy, mysterious, and sexy acts intended for adult audiences. Make your Vegas trip more colorful and exciting with this late-night adult magic show. Witness an astounding magic show in Las Vegas that comes alive after dark!

Side-Splitting Magic Stunts

Who said magic can’t be hilarious? Get a taste of one of the most entertaining magic shows in Las Vegas. Enjoy fun-filled and family friendly acts and performances on the Adam London Laughternoon. Get a whole package of magic, comedy, and Adam London’s iconic yellow rubber duck sidekicks. Gather your squad and experience an explosively good time filled with amusing and magical stunts. Prepare to laugh out loud in this Las Vegas magic show, combining a wholesome and hilarious experience.

Ready to watch a laugh-a-minute performance? Witness an extraordinary take to magic stints in this Las Vegas magic show. The twist? Lioz Shem Toz showcases his signature comedic approach and parody magic show.

Combining incredible feats of the mind, audience participation, laugh-inducing acts, awesome magic, and never before seen tricks, get ready to be wowed by the hilarious yet enchanting LIOZ Show. Prepare to crack up in this hysterically funny and wow-worthy adventure! From spellbinding antics to rib-tickling sketches, hilarity ensues in these fast-paced magic shows in Las Vegas.

Defying Reality

Hair-raising ambiance, gothic magic, and the internationally-acclaimed magician, Criss Angel MINDFREAK in Planet Hollywood is one of the best magic shows in Las Vegas for a reason! Watching this fully immersive magic shows Las Vegas, once again proves that the hand is quicker than the eye. Question reality when you witness jaw-dropping tricks and illusions. And see performers vanish into thin air, defying the ordinary and gravity, leaving you freaked out!

With mind-bending illusions and astonishing feats, Criss Angel’s unparalleled skill in the world of magic leaves the audience in awe. And with cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking production, the show offers a rollercoaster ride to test the limits of reality.

Experience Criss Angel’s intensity, creativity, and mastery when you witness more than 75 of his iconic signature illusions. Unveil the mystery in the realm of astonishment and wonder as you hold tight in your seat witnessing The Greatest Magic Show Of All Time!

Magic shows Las Vegas are nothing short of ordinary. If you’re looking to have your mind blown, Escape Reality Magic of Garry and Janine Carson is your perfect bet! This dynamic duo will bring you to a world which blurs the lines between reality and illusion.

The Notoriety in downtown Las Vegas will be filled with mouth-dropping illusions, belly laughter, and special effects that invite the audience to be part of the show! Spend your afternoon watching non stop magic featuring fast paced and high-energy entertainment for all!

Don’t miss out on one of the biggest names in the world of magic, Mat Franco. The season 9 America’s Got Talent winner delights the LINQ Hotel and casino with his small and large-scale stunts and illusions.

With a perfect blend of comedy, mystery, and intrigue, this magic show takes viewers to the classics stunts paired with all-new twists! From disappearing phones to amazing card tricks and a dash of personality, this improv meets illusion defies all expectations!

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