Zip Line Kauai: 2024 Best Deals

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Koloa Zipline is Kauai’s longest zipline course featuring 3 of the longest lines on the island. Enjoy 8 fun ziplines with 1/2 mile zip at the end, light hiking between ziplines, and light snacks and water provided. So much fun you won't want to leave! Details
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Total Price: $169.16 (USD)

Imagine soaring over the Kauai backcountry filled with rugged terrain, lush valley floor, and enchanting nature. That’s what it's like to experience a zip line in Kauai. This zipline adventure is an activity that combines thrill, nature, and a remarkable way to experience the island's stunning landscapes.

Ascending the starting platform of the zipline course, your heart fills with anticipation. When the safety harness secures you, and you take that initial leap, a speed of 50 mph propels you along with the pull of the zip line. This Kauai zip line journey through the island's sky takes on a special kind of exhilaration. You feel like a bird, freely observing the breathtaking botanical tapestry from above.

  • Rugged Mountains: As you zip along, Kauai’s rugged emerald mountains carve sharp silhouettes against the crystalline Hawaiian skies. You can also take a side trip on the Kipu Ranch for more thrills!

  • Movie Blockbusters: Try Kauai's longest ziplines featured in movies like Jurrasic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Indeed, Kauai zipline tours surpass typical sightseeing. The encompassing views, whether in Shaka Zipline or Koloa Zipline, capture more than the eye can take in, and the inherent excitement of the ride enhances the sense of awe and admiration for this natural paradise. Don’t be surprised if you end your ride with a new perspective and a heart full of inspiration.

Whether it's your first time zip lining or you're an adrenaline junkie looking for a new thrill, Kauai offers an unforgettable experience. As you unhook your harness and feel your feet touch solid ground again, it’s not only the thrill of the ride that will stay with you but the grandeur of Kauai, seen from a unique perspective.

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