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Koloa Zipline is Kauai’s longest zipline course featuring 3 of the longest lines on the island. Enjoy 8 fun ziplines with 1/2 mile zip at the end, light hiking between ziplines, and light snacks and water provided. So much fun you won't want to leave! Details
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Total Price: $169.16 (USD)

Looking to commune with nature and the lush islands in a unique and fun way? Look no further! If you have been planning your Kauai vacation for quite a while now, this is the perfect time to bring your vacation fantasy to life! Bring on your Aloha spirit as you admire the tropical island of Hawaii and gather your crews to enjoy this family-friendly Kauai zipline. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a nature enthusiast, journey through the heart of Kauai’s natural wonders!

From swimming to ziplining, there is something for everyone! Get your dose of adrenaline rush by ziplining in Kauai and buckle up for the ultimate Kauai zipline adventure. Keep scrolling to find out the best zipline in Kauai! Sweeping views, sun, and spectacular outdoor activity – experience paradise in a zip line.

Nature-Infused Thrills

Gear up, let go, and get suspended in Kauai’s longest zipline course, including the three longest lines on the island. Glide through lush canopies, feel the rush of the wind against your skin, and capture unparalleled views of this tropical paradise. Spend your day enjoying a perfect blend of excitement, natural beauty, and Hawaiian magic on the Koloa Zipline. And as you soar through the breathtaking views, embrace the rush of ziplining Kauai. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Kauai backcountry and get on the perfect island adventure you will never forget!

If you’re daring, satisfy your adventurous soul and soar feeling like Superman. Do the Superman pose that puts you horizontally, head-first, and arms out! Their custom full-body harness also allows you to ride upside down, backward, and tandem zipping while appreciating the vibrant landscapes of Kauai. But the fun doesn’t end there! If you love a combination of nature trips and ziplining, this zipline Kauai will take you on a wonderful trip to the verdant greenery of Kauai. Get a bird's eye view of this magnificent island, one zip line at a time!

Beyond Ziplining

If a brief and fun adventure is more your thing, we have the best Kauai Zipline Tours for you! Make the most of your time and explore additional adventure opportunities in Koloa Zipline. Wear your closed toe shoes because you are in for a complete Kauai experience. Beyond the ziplining thrills, you will be delighted by the lush forest and an unforgettable island escapade. Break a sweat with the light hiking between zip lines and witness the teeming forest filled with colorful tropical birds and flowers. Marvel at the majestically immense mountains and stretches of tropical forests as you reach the highlight of your trip – the zip lines!

Appreciate the beauty of this tropical island while the hiking preludes your ziplining adventure. Dive into an adventure-packed day filled to the brim with heart-pounding excitement, serene nature views, and pristine waters. Capture the awestruck wonders of the island through your lenses and take photos while hiking, and the awe-inspiring views as you zoom past Kauai’s scenery. Then, take a break with the light snacks and water that are included in the tour. Your adventure, your way – embark on a day of exploration and cherish lasting vacation memories!

Group and Family Escapades

Create shared experiences with your squad or with your family in the Koloa Zipline. Featuring approximately 3.5 hours of adventure, this ziplining in Kauai is perfect for a nature getaway. Treat your group to an unforgettable flying journey through the beautiful sights, pristine waters, and wildlife encounters. From the first exhilarating rise to the final moments of your Kauai escapade, enjoy an airborne adventure with friends and family. And witness the beauty of the tropical paradise firsthand.

If you’re traveling with your family, take note that guests must be seven and above to ride and must be accompanied for safety reasons. Got a member of your crew who’s afraid of heights? Don’t fret! The guides will help you and be with you every step of the way, ensuring that your gear is up to safety standards, correctly equipped, and fully functional.

Your Kauai Zipline Adventure Awaits

From the lush tropical forests to the adrenaline-inducing ride, every zipline escapade opens the door to a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you are big for adventures or simply looking to bask in the grandeur of sights on the island, this Kauai zipline tour is the perfect choice for you!

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Jump in on this epic adventure amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of Kauai. The best part? You can skip the hassle of planning and researching when you book with us! So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now!