Parasailing Hawaii: 2024 Best Deals

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If you have ever thought about flying over Hawai’i 600-800 feet in the air, this parasailing adventure is for you. Get some pictures while parasailing in Oahu that you can’t get anywhere else. You will parasail from a KrantzKraft, a boat specifically made to give you a ride above the rest. This is fun for all ages! Details
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Total Price: $170.38 (USD)

Imagine the stirring sensation of soaring above the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean's turquoise waters and lush landscapes, coupled with refreshing sea breezes gracing your face. This is the unbeatable charm of Hawaii parasailing—an unforgettable adventure that harmoniously combines thrills, beauty, and serenity and is a must-try parasailing adventure.

As your parasailing Hawaii begins, you're safely strapped into a harness by a team of skilled professionals, your heart brimming with anticipation. Take note that the maximum weight is 450 pounds for safety. As the jet skis pick up speed, you're gently lifted off the deck, higher and higher into the azure sky. Don't forget to look down—the perspective of the earth from above is undoubtedly awe-inspiring. It feels like viewing a living, breathing postcard with a view of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head.

While on this highly recommended parasailing experience, one invariably gets a taste of the regal tropical beauty of Hawaii, a spectacle beautifully blended with cerulean seas, emerald-green landscapes, and pristine white beaches.

Contrary to some might think, a parasailing tour is not always an adrenaline-fueled experience. The ascent is smooth, and the flight is peaceful. The hypnotic hum of the boat's engine fades into silence as your foot leaves the deck, letting the rhythmic sound of the wind and waves fill your senses. It's almost like meditation; there's just you, the open sky, and the vast ocean beneath. You'll find your own slice of heaven in between the fear, excitement, and tranquility. Hawaii parasailing, like UFO Parasail, is more than just water sports —it's an experience that connects you to nature, leaving you filled with indescribable awe for the beauty that surrounds you. One thing is sure: once you're back on solid ground, you'll carry the tranquility of the skies and the abundant views. 

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