Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours: 2024 Best Deals

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Departing from Grand Canyon West Rim, explore the Grand Canyon from an ECO-Star helicopter with panoramic views of the Hualapai Tribe’s sacred lands and the canyon’s magnificent rock formations. Descend 3,500 feet for a 20-minute landing above the Colorado River. The experience requires a Grand Canyon West admission ticket for park entry (additional fee). Details
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Total Price: $284.58 (USD)
Embark on the ultimate Maverick Helicopter Grand Canyon flight with South Rim and North Rim views. See Kaibab National Forest and the Painted Desert, and get a bird's eye view where Little Colorado meets the Colorado River. Fly along the North Rim, through the expansive Dragon Corridor, and more. Enjoy insightful commentary by your pilot along the way. Details
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Climb aboard the Grand Canyon South Rim helicopter tour for a breathtaking 25-minute flight over Kaibab National Forest, the Grand Canyon and the Dragon Corridor. Gaze upon panoramic views of the Tower of Ra and Vishnu Schist as you fly over the widest and deepest sections of the Grand Canyon. This helicopter tour departs from the South Rim near Tusayan, AZ. Details
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Total Price: $372.52 (USD)
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Embark on a journey where the sky and the Grand Canyon become your playground! There is no better way to experience the canyon's grandeur than having a bird’s eye view from your flight over the Grand Canyon. Elevate your experience – quite literally on the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours. Soar above majestic aerial views, witness the canyon’s time-carved layers, and feel the thrill of each helicopter ride.

From the North Canyon to the Grand Canyon South, it’s a flight of fancy turned to reality! So, buckle up for this once-in-a-lifetime experience on this Grand Canyon helicopter tour! Follow along and hop on to our exhilarating and handpicked lineup of helicopter tours Grand Canyon.

Sky-High Adventures

Take your spectacular journeys to new heights when you fly to the Grand Canyon! Marvel at the sheer vastness of the canyon with its cliffs and panoramic sights on the Grand Canyon Dancer Helicopter Tour. Embark on a remarkable Grand Canyon Tour as you dance with the wind with your flight above Kaibab National Forest, the Grand Canyon, and the Dragon Corridor. Fly over the heart of the deepest part of the Grand Canyon and gaze upon the picturesque views of the Tower of Ra and Vishnu Schist.

Feel like a king and experience only the best on the Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters. King of Canyon Helicopter Tour offers a VIP experience from a limo transport to the airport to a first-class helicopter.

Glide over the Hoover Dam Lake Mead, The Grand Wash Cliffs, and the Grand Canyon West Rim. Get drunk on the phenomenal work of nature and grab a bite of your light picnic meal. Snap photos of the unique desert plants, rugged rock formations, and the Colorado River. Bring your adventure to a close and witness the picturesque views on the way back!

Keep riding the clouds and climb aboard the Grand Canyon Spirit Helicopter Tour from South Rim. Experience the deepest and widest part of the north and south rim of the canyon in an enchantment you won’t soon forget.

From above, delight in the panoramic views of the Kaibab National Forest, the Painted Desert, and the area where Little Colorado meets the Colorado River. Your inner thrill-seeker will also love to venture and take that perfect shot! Revel in the views, defy gravity, and have your own pinch-me moment on one of the best Grand Canyon helicopter tours!

Wild Wild West

Journey to the West and relish the highlight of your tours with the Grand Canyon Discovery Helicopter Tour. Step into the amazing Grand Canyon West and take in the scenic aerial views from above. Witness the horizon open its wonders when the helicopter departs from the Grand Canyon West Rim. Delight in the captivating beauty of the Hualapai Tribes’ sacred lands and the majestic rock formations of the canyon! Take advantage of the 20-minute landing time above the Colorado River to dig deeper into the Hualapai Indian territory and capture the perfect shot!

Explore the wild side of the Canyon and uncover the hidden gems on the Indian Territory Grand Canyon West Helicopter Tour. Feel the rush as you experience dual landing on the Grand Canyon and Hualapai Indian Territory. Enjoy a 30-minute champagne landing with snacks on the private landing spot below the rim and continue down the Grand Canyon West for a 2.5-hour exploration of Eagle Point and Guano Point. Conclude your adventure with an aerial view on your flight back!

A Touch of Fancy and Excitement

Luxury meets breathtaking flight! Leave footprints in the sky and gear up for awesome experiences on the Grand Canyon. Watch in awe as the astonishing views of the canyon, scenic natural landscapes, and thrilling adventure welcome you! Dig deeper into these nature’s masterpieces while listening to a narration in the language of your choice! The best part? No family member is left behind. These helicopter tours are just a few hours long, so it is perfect for your kiddies and family getaways!

The grandeur of sights, grand celebrations, and the Grand Canyon – these helicopter tours take “awe-inspiring” to a higher level! Soar through the skies in luxury and witness the best views of Mother Nature. With its magnificent rock formations, hidden scenery, and iconic landmarks, these tours live up to their name as one of the most in-demand tours. Explore the canyon floor while having a picnic meal!

The Grand Canyon Awaits!

From the North Rim to the South Rim, experience the Grand Canyon’s 360-degree splendor! If you’re still in the high from the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours, our carefully curated Grand Canyon things to do is bursting with excitement!

Ride the wave of adventure and get on a non-stop thrill ride! Make your Grand Canyon trip one to remember when you kick off your Grand Canyon helicopter tour! So, why wait? Book your tickets now!