Gatlinburg Helicopter Tours: 2024 Best Deals

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Pigeon Forge helicopter rides offer stunning views of the Smokies and surrounding areas from above! See a beautiful panorama of the Smoky Mountains, French Broad River, Douglas Lake, Bluff Mountain, the Chilhowee Mountain Range, downtown Gatlinburg, and more. Scenic Helicopter Tours offers a variety of flights that are ideal for families and nature lovers! Details
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Sevier County Aviation features a variety of helicopter tours. Experience unforgettable views of the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Choose from mountain and city views, Pigeon Forge or Bluff Mountain, Foothills or Douglas Lake, Gatlinburg or Wears Valley, Mt. LeConte, and Clingman’s Dome! Details
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Imagine this: you're perched with a bird eye view of the beauty of Gatlinburg Pigeon Forge, flying over the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, looking down on a sea of green forests, azure waves of mountain peaks, and the sweetly winding Pigeon rivers. This is the quintessential Gatlinburg helicopter tour. A feast for the eyes, a treasure for the soul, where you see, feel, and embrace the pulse of Mother Nature in its most raw and glorious form.

The anticipation builds from the moment you strap into the comfortable seat of the helicopter ride. As the rotors whip into a fury, you're embraced by a buzzing energy that promises scenic helicopter tours like no other. Soon, with the best weather conditions, you're aloft, the world receding beneath you replaced with a panoramic spectacle of Gatlinburg's best natural wonders.

The helicopter tour of Gatlinburg offers endless breathtaking moments that etch themselves into your memory. From the Smoky Mountain helicopters, the grandeur of the Smoky Mountains truly comes into view, their craggy peaks standing proud against the backdrop of the sky - it's a sight that words can barely do justice to.

From start to finish, the helicopter sightseeing tours of Gatlinburg are a sensory journey - a stunning symphony of sight and sound wrapped in the refreshing aroma of nature. It's an opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle, find awe in the grand scheme of things, and understand why Gatlinburg, with its untouched beauty and rich biodiversity, is a favorite among nature lovers around the globe.

While a helicopter tour of Gatlinburg is undoubtedly an experience to cherish, it's also a humbling reminder of the magnificence of our world. This adventurous interlude leaves you with an impression that will last a lifetime.

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