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This frightful and fun Boston Ghosts and Gravestones Tour explores the city’s frightening past and sinister characters. Take the Boston ghost tour trolley to two of the oldest burial grounds in Boston for an exclusive night-time walking tour. Along the way, view Boston’s most haunted hotel and learn about the Boston Strangler, serial killer Jolly Jane, and more. Details
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The tension is rising, and shadows are lurking, are you ready to conquer the dark? Witness the spooky sunset and welcome the dark night in the phenomenal Boston ghost tours. Experience the spine-tingling suspense as you walk down the dark side of history. Boston s most haunted locations, ghost stories, haunted hotel, and haunted history, this is the perfect ghost hunting spot for all fright-seekers! If you’re looking to get your fill of adrenaline in The Hub, why not spend an evening with ghost tours in Boston? Things are about to get spooky after dark. Make sure you are ready for this heart-pounding tour! So, whether you are looking for a spooky adventure or the dark turn of history, we’ve handpicked the best Boston Ghost Tour that will suit your interest!

A Glimpse into the Eerie Past

Want to explore the story behind some of Boston’s most haunted locations? One of the best trolley tours in Boston opens its door to give a sneak peek into the haunted history! Get ready to be transported to the past and its darker side in the Boston Ghost Tours by Ghosts & Gravestones. Feel your heartbeat rise as you hop aboard The Trolley of the Doomed, combining historic and haunted locations in one tour. Among the highlights that make this highly recommended tour more interesting is the theatrical, funny, engaging, and fantastic storytelling of your guide. Unearth the hidden past of Boston together with your expert tour guide, a 17th-century grave digger. Ghosts and Gravestones Tour Boston gets as horrifying but will fill you with historical facts and fascinating stories. Make sure to leave the little ones behind as these ghosts adventures are not labeled as family friendly.

Navigating Through the Graveyards

Let the flickering lanterns and the trolley ride lead you to the world of the unknown! Venture into the depths of one of the most haunted Boston Ghost Tours. Immerse yourself in the eerie ambiance of Boston’s most ghostly spots in the Ghosts and Gravestones Boston. Dig into the history and mysteries within the ancient graveyards. Learn about the city’s largest grave-ribbing scandal on the Copp’s Hill Burying Grounds. Travel through the most haunted burial grounds and watch out for the spirits freely roaming around. Here, you will also visit the resting place of Cotton Mather. Keep your senses sharp as the graveyard quest continues. Hear the unfortunate stories on the public execution and hanging site on the Boston Commons. Follow your guide along the Old Granary Burying Grounds and see the ghosts gravestones of famous and interesting occupants there. Delve into the luring secrets beneath each graveyard on this ghost tour Boston.

Walk Among the Shadows

Kick off your ghost-hunting adventure with a combination of fun and fright factor on this ghost tours Boston MA! As you visit two of the oldest burial grounds, learn about the grave robberies, and view the gravestones of historical people, it is time to bring your ghostly adventure to the next level. Hear tales about Boston’s most creepy and sinister characters, including the infamous Angel of Death, the legendary killer of all. Find out the gruesome story of the Boston Strangler and his victims during your Boston ghosts walking experience. Anticipate the hair-raising moments as you learn about the notorious Killer Nurse, Jolly Jane Toppan. Take the chance to revisit the historical accounts of Cotton Mather’s involvement in the series of hearings and prosecutions in the Salem Witch Trials during the Ghost Walking Tour Boston!

Exploring the Adventure Hub

The Hub is not just about exploring the supernatural. From long history and haunted locations to diverse and myriad tour options, Boston offers a taste of adventure for every visitor! Open Boston’s book of epic quests and walk through every discovery that awaits in each corner! Hungry for more escapades? We’ve got you covered! With numerous delightful tour choices, this city has no shortage of incredible and awesome experiences. You can easily level up your fright with a haunted pub crawl or a midnight stroll around Omni Parker House. Check out our lineup of the best things to do in Boston and have the liberty to explore your attractions and activities choices here:

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Step into the creepy corners, and embrace the chills and thrill of Boston's unearthly secrets! With these terrifying ghost walking tours, you're just one lantern-lit step away from discovering the nerve-racking tales and experiencing the city's paranormal encounters. As the night fades, experience the thrill of ghostly escapades! Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, these tours offer an adventure beyond the ordinary. So, immerse yourself in the edge of the unknown, where history comes alive in the most hair-raising and unforgettable way. Looking to go on a spooky adventure without the hassle? Fret not! Check out each of our handpicked ghost tour in Boston escapades and enjoy your vacation when you book your tickets with us! The spirits are waiting, the stories are ready, and the adventure awaits– just take the first step into the darkness!