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Big Kahuna’s Water Park NJ offers island-time fun all year. Big Kahuna's, formerly Sahara Sam's Oasis, is an indoor and outdoor water park boasting perfect temperatures and a full island-themed decor. Enjoy outdoor pools (Memorial Day–Labor Day) as well as an indoor water park with attractions covering over 70,000 square feet beneath a retractable canopy. Details
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An oasis of fun is nestled amidst the whirlwind of excitement that defines Atlantic City, The Atlantic City Water Park. Whether you're a thrill-seeker in search of adrenaline rushes or a parent looking for a safe yet entertaining adventure for your little ones, this water park is designed to cater to every single one of your needs. Let's dive deep into all that this aquatic paradise has to offer.

What Makes Atlantic City Water Park Stand Out?

What differentiates Water Park in Atlantic City from other water parks is the variety of exciting attractions, and the quality of the experience residents and visitors alike have come to expect.

  • An Array of Thrilling Rides: From the daring surf simulator heart-stopping slides to relaxing gentle rides, there's no shortage of choices in the Atlantic City Boardwalk to suit any adventure level.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Pools: Regardless of the weather, you can take a refreshing dip. The indoor pools provide a weather-proof option for fun regardless of the season, while the outdoor pools offer a great place to soak up the summer sun.

  • Enriching Activities: Apart from the water-based fun like a lazy river and adults only pool with a swim up bar, there are options for interactive games, wellness activities, and many more enriching experiences.

What are the key features of the water parks in Atlantic City?

Water Park Atlantic City is an oasis of joy and excitement in the bustling city environment. These parks offer many features to keep guests engaged, relaxed, and thrilled.

Kids' Zone: Parks also consider their little guests by providing safe and dedicated areas for children, known as Kids' Zones. These sections have gentler slides, splash pads, and other interactive play structures to keep the young ones entertained in a safe environment— rt Blastein's Island Waterpark at Showboat.

Lounging and Relaxation: The parks offer lounging areas equipped with deckchairs and umbrellas for those seeking a quiet break or a tan. Accommodations, like Showboat Hotel Atlantic City, also provide an exclusive space for relaxation.

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Atlantic City Water Park offers a unique blend of exhilarating water rides, relaxing leisure spots, and great family friendly fun. From the twisting tubes and plunging slides to the tranquil lazy river, there are attractions for everyone. It's clear that Atlantic City Water Park isn't just your ordinary splash zone; it's the ideal place to create lifetime memories. The thrills, fun, and fantastic Atlantic City things to do await you!