Fright Fest at Six Flags Over Texas: 2024 In-Depth Guide

Planning a budget-friendly vacation to Dallas? Look no further because Six Flags Over Texas Fright Fest has everything you need for a memorable and spine-chilling adventure! Whether you’re a thrill-seeker relishing haunted attractions or simply looking for fun and entertainment, we’ve got the inside scoop to make your Dallas trip unforgettable. This guide is perfect for families and couples eager to explore this iconic event along with some unique Dallas attractions.

Prepare to be thrilled, chilled, and filled with unforgettable memories, as the locals say. Situated in the heart of Arlington, Texas, Fright Fest at Six Flags Over Texas is the region’s premier Halloween extravaganza, offering a combination of terrifying haunted houses, electrifying live entertainment, and eerie scare zones.

But that’s not all; we’ve got insider tips, hotel recommendations, and other must-see places to ensure your Dallas trip is packed with excitement.

Stick around as we dive into everything you need to know about the Six Flags Over Texas Fright Fest, including the operating schedule and the amazing attractions that Dallas has to offer!

Get Ready for Spooky Fun: Six Flags Over Texas Fright Fest Dates and Location Revealed!

Mark your calendars! The 2024 Fright Fest Six Flags over Texas will take place from September 13th through November 3rd.

Watch out for the detailed Six Flags Over Texas Fright Fest hours and Six Flags Over Texas Fright Fest schedule. Prepare for spine-chilling thrills and eerie excitement at every corner!

This spooktacular event is held at 2201 Road to Six Flags, Arlington, TX 76011. Just a short drive from Dallas, it’s the perfect spot for a thrilling day trip or a weekend getaway.

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Snag Your Spooky Six Flags Over Texas Fright Fest Tickets Today!

Ready to brave through into the spooky magic of Six Flags Fright Fest over Texas? Getting your tickets is the first step to an unforgettable adventure!

  • Haunted Attraction Single Pass: Enjoy one trip through one haunted house during the Fright Fest.
  • Fright Pass: For those who crave extra fear, this pass gives you one trip with priority and full access to haunted houses!
  • Season-Long Fright Pass Holders: If you’re a regular, make the most out of your season pass with unlimited Fright Fest entries.

Always check the official website for the latest ticket prices and special deals. Remember, planning ahead can save you money and guarantee you a spooktacular time!

What to Expect at Six Flags Over Texas Fright Fest: Thrills, Chills, and Unforgettable Memories!

Live Entertainment

While Six Flags over Texas is cooking up the thrills for Fright Fest 2024, let’s catch a glimpse of the fun last year!

Learn the haunting truth about Arania’s 13 dead husbands at the Arania’s Afterlife. Witness the truth unfold, and don’t miss out on the electrifying Fright Fest rave after. Ready to face your fears? You will need a lot of courage when the Fright Fest Monsters are unleashed into the park during The Awakening.

Need a boost of energy? DJ Boom’s Boogie Bash showcases high-energy music, dancing, and visual effects by supernatural creatures to add to your night! The fun doesn’t stop there. Prepare for the crew of monsters and ghouls as they creep around the park during DJ Doom’s Flash Mob.

Need to take a seat? Prepare to be mesmerized and terrified at Dr. H.H. Holmes’ Freak Show, where expect the unexpected. Here, unpredictable horror stories and eerie performances are sure to leave you both fascinated and slightly fearful.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Slide or Die offers heart-pounding thrills as you navigate haunting surprises. Be ready to scream (and maybe even laugh) as you watch daredevil acts, tricks, and impressive stunts!

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Haunted Houses

Arania’s Murder Mansion stands out with its gothic charm and eerie atmosphere of the mansion, featuring the story of revenge that will keep you guessing. Watch out for the creepy characters lurking in the shadows, ready to give you a frightful surprise.

The Art of Torture combines horror with artistry, offering a spine-chilling experience that’s not for the faint of heart. Each room is a showcase of horrifying displays and gruesome sights of blood all around the abandoned warehouse.

Curse of Ra immerses you in ancient Egyptian horror, with cursed tombs and mummies at every corner. Make sure to find your way out before the ancient curse traps you forever in its labyrinth. DeADclassified takes you into a top-secret world where terrifying experiments have gone horribly wrong.

Piggy’s Blood Shed is a gruesome journey into Piggy’s Butcher, featuring horrifying scenes of carnage and chaos. You’ll question the ingredients of the prime entree served on the menu! Reject Row offers a deep dive into a disturbingly twisted abandoned theater home to outcasts and eerie figures. Be careful not to take the wrong turn!

Wrong Turn on Canal Street might bring you to the 1800s of New Orleans. Watch out for vampires, Voodoo queens, and pirates!

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Scare Zones

At Black Widow Walkway, you’ll find yourself ensnared in a web of fright as sinister arachnids lurk in the shadows, ready to give you a spine-tingling surprise. Don’t fall under the spell at Coven Cove, a haunted haven where eerie witches chant their spells and brew up fearsome concoctions.

In Ghost Town, eerie apparitions and spirits of the Wild West’s past make for a haunting stroll. You’ll hear whispers of long-lost cowboys and outlaws echoing through the deserted streets.

Lago de Miedo is a place where your nightmares of La Llorona and The Crying Woman feel all too real, with creatures emerging from the misty waters to unsettle even the bravest souls.

Scream of the Crop offers an agricultural nightmare where scarecrows and farm creatures come to horrifying life. This scare zone blends rural horror with terrifyingly realistic props.

Ready to add a gruesome twist to your childhood? Toys of Terror brings to life twisted versions of childhood favorites, making you second-guess every doll and teddy bear you ever loved.

Zone 6 is a futuristic dystopia with zombies and decaying infrastructure, combining sci-fi elements with frightful surprises. Navigate carefully through this electrifyingly eerie environment.

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Wrap Up Your Fright Fest Adventure and Discover More Dallas Delights!

A trip to Dallas promises a mix of adventure, history, and unforgettable fun without straining your budget. Stay comfortably in one of the well-located hotels and make sure to immerse yourself in the diverse attractions the city offers.

And don’t miss the chance to enjoy a night of jousting and feasting at the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. For a spine-chilling experience, the Six Flags Over Texas Fright Fest awaits your visit—embrace the scares, the laughter, and the memories!


Start Date:

September 13, 2024 @ 11:00 am CDT

End Date:

November 3, 2024 @ 9:00 pm CST



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