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Ripley's Aquarium of Canada is an expansive 135,000-square-foot home to more than 20,000 aquatic animals representing over 450 different species. Located in downtown Toronto, this Ontario aquarium features hands-on activities, an underwater viewing tunnel the size of a football field, giant sharks, green sea turtles, moray eels, jellyfish, and more. Details
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Total Price: $50.58 (CAD)

Start your journey at Toronto Aquarium and prepare to be captivated. As you venture into this awe-inspiring underwater adventure, there's a sensation akin to stepping into another realm. Sensory-led, 100 interactive exhibits make each visit a new experience. With its stunning visual displays and a vast variety of marine creatures, you can easily spend an entire afternoon immersed in the spectacle of the heart of Downtown Toronto. 

The Ripley Aquarium of Canada in Bremner Boulevard houses thousands of aquatic animals. Get a chance to meet majestic Pacific and sand tiger sharks, playful sea turtles, mesmerizing rays, and unique freshwater sights on North America's longest underwater viewing tunnel.  

You won't just observe here; you'll interact. Once you explore the exhibits, including Planet Jellies, Dangerous Lagoon, and Ripley's longest underwater viewing tunnel filled with 5.7 million litres of water,  you'll discover there's no boundary between you and marine life. 

Even though marine life is the main attraction, the Aquarium Toronto aims to make your visit an unforgettable journey, which goes well beyond watching fish behind glass. It’s a place of wonder and exploration, where kids and adults alike can learn about the marvels of the underwater world as they play.

The architecture of the Toronto Aquarium is also worth mentioning. As much of a spectacle as the creatures themselves, the arena is designed to be immersive, replicating as closely as possible the creatures’ natural habitats. From CN Tower's towering splendor in Toronto Ontario, you'll feel instantly transported to the radiant coral reefs and the deep, striking depths of the ocean, swapping the city forecasts for glimpses of the underwater world.

A visit to the Toronto Aquarium is more than a fun excursion—it's an adventure into the aquatic world, a place to learn, connect, and marvel at the incredible diversity of our planet’s ecosystems. 

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