Biblical Times Dinner Theater in Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Biblical Times Dinner Theater in Pigeon Forge

The Biblical Times Dinner Theater Pigeon Forge, Tennessee shows amazing Bible story productions along with a scrumptious feast. The shows include great music and special effects and will leave you wanting more. Buy tickets early for Biblical Times. It's an exciting Pigeon Forge show you won't soon forget!

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Biblical Times Dinner Theater presents the story of Peter. This one-of-a-kind production features a live cast with state-of-the-art holographic and 3D technology. The show's first half is a gospel music concert. The second half is a dramatic musical production of the story of Peter, arguably one of the Bible's most relatable characters. Details
Don’t miss an enjoyable night full of great food, uplifting gospel music, and beautiful production that brings the story of the birth of Christ alive on stage! This is a great opportunity to experience the Word of God through the cast’s excellent talent, a masterfully woven-in holographic movie, and hours of beautiful singing when you come to Pigeon Forge. Details