Water Park Philadelphia: 2024 Best Deals

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Big Kahuna’s Water Park NJ offers island-time fun all year. Big Kahuna's, formerly Sahara Sam's Oasis, is an indoor and outdoor water park boasting perfect temperatures and a full island-themed decor. Enjoy outdoor pools (Memorial Day–Labor Day) as well as an indoor water park with attractions covering over 70,000 square feet beneath a retractable canopy. Details
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Stepping into Philadelphia Water Park is like entering a pocket universe where fun and adventure flow as freely as water. As a visitor, you're instantly enveloped in a world of sensational water parks that effortlessly blend excitement and relaxation.

Your first experience is likely to be the cooling touch of water greeting your skin — a refreshing counterpoint to the city's concrete and steel. This begins your thrilling journey as a cascade of laughter and smiles wash over you. It's a place that both kids and adults can appreciate equally.

  • The adrenaline-pumping water slides carry you on a wild ride, pushing thrill-seeking hearts to thumping delight.

  • As you experience the lazy river, you're immersed in serene relaxation amidst the gentle current.

  • Just adjacent to this tranquility, you'll find open air cabanas for daily rental, offering a private slice of paradise to enhance your visit.

  • The enormous wave pool delivers rhythmic tides, creating an illusion of a beach-like environment.

The sense of spectacle at Philadelphia MS Water Park doesn't end with the rides. The park itself is a vibrant fusion of greens and blues, a callback to the elemental beauty of nature, a visual treat which only enhances the overall sensory experience.

Among the park's many attractions, you'll discover the mesmerizing Geyser Falls Water Theme Park tucked away in Choctaw MS, with its beach club restaurant offering culinary delights and an array of waterfalls and crystal clear swimming pools spread across its expansive 23 acres of family amusement center; you can relax on the pristine white sandy beaches, grab a quick bite of ice cream at the food court or snack bar and an outdoor stage for entertainment.

A visit to Philadelphia Water Park is a soulful retreat, a pause button for life’s fast-forward pace. It invites you to soak up the fun, make a statement with your splashes, and sculpt memorable moments out of the ethereal element – water!

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