Broadway Christmas Shows - 2023 Best Deals

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Presented at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre, The Book of Mormon offers an old-style musical with modern humor, complete with big song and dance numbers, impressive Broadway-style belting, and a hilariously sarcastic storyline. The show playfully pokes fun at religion, race, poverty and sexuality, and is recommended for guests over the age of 16, as explicit language and topics are used. Details
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3833 Reviews
$98.90 $93.00
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Featuring over 25 hits from Michael Jackson, MJ, the Musical will surely give you a thrilling experience on Broadway. Hear your favorite hits, including Man in the Mirror, and join an entire cast in remembering the life of one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Myles Frost, like MJ, is making his Broadway debut. Details
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Total Price: $82.62 (USD)
Adapted from the 1994 Disney film, The Lion King is a visually exhilarating Broadway musical that tells the timeless story of love and redemption through the eyes of the young lion cub Simba, a prince in the African Pride Lands. This Tony Award-winning show at the Minskoff Theatre wows audiences with its magnificent songs, costumes and choreography. Details
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The longest-running American musical on Broadway, and winner of multiple prestigious awards, “Chicago” is a 1920s-inspired show that features themes of greed, murder, manipulation, and fame. The legendary musical showcases two rival prison inmates whose money-hungry lawyer turns their incarcerations into a circus of sorts, complete with big jazz numbers, catchy songs, and a scandalously fun plot. Details
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Gershwin Theatre • Manhattan
Winner of more than 100 international awards, “WICKED” is a world-renowned musical that tells the untold story of the witches of Oz. The show is a spectacle best seen in person, complete with elaborate costumes, an extravagant set, captivating musical numbers, and an utterly spellbinding cast. “WICKED” is a timeless Broadway classic showing at the Gershwin Theatre. Details
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A new musical comedy presented at the New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway tells the beloved story of the 1992 animated Disney classic Aladdin. Audience members of all ages can enjoy this two-and-half-hour show while marveling at over-elaborate costumes, an Award-winning Academy score featuring classic and brand-new songs, extravagant special effects, and more. Details
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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth part of the Harry Potter series written by J.K. Rowling and the first to be performed on stage! As the story unfolds, you will discover how Harry struggles with his past and how his son, Albus, copes with the burden of a family legacy he never wanted. The production combines stage illusions, theatrical costumes, music, and exceptional acting that brings the narrative to life! Details
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With Back to the Future Broadway tickets, watch as Marty McFly finds himself transported back to 1955 in a time-traveling DeLorean built by eccentric scientist Doc Brown. Based on the classic 1985 blockbuster movie, the Back to the Future musical is an action-packed performance brought to the Winter Garden Theatre stage by writers Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis. Details
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Watch the Broadway performance of Hamilton, a musical which brings legend shrouded historical figures back into sympathetic life. This drama follows the titular character as he navigates political turmoil, a sex scandal, a personal tragedy, and more—all while being accompanied by amazing hiphop music and a stellar performance from the talented cast. Details
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The multi-awarded live theater show, the Little Shop of Horrors musical, is back at its acclaimed, sold-out run at the Westside Theatre. Based on a 1960 black comedy film, the smash hit production stars Tony Award winner Matt Doyle, Joy Woods, and Drew Gehling. Let it be known that the most ravenous plant, Audrey II, has returned to Hell's Kitchen, NYC! Details
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Based on the hit musical film by Baz Luhrman, Moulin Rouge! The Musical dazzles guests with a spectacular show filled with glitz, glamor, romance, and glory! Follow Satine and Christian’s journey in this mesmerizing Broadway musical performance at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on West 45th Street. Details
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Lena Horne Theatre • Manhattan
Written by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss, SIX the Musical, brings history to life. Watch six women sing about what it was like to be a wife of Henry VIII. Beheading, divorce, and death will make this show thrilling and fun and keep you on the edge of your seat. Decide which wife is your favorite and jam along to this hip-hop rendition on being married to a king in the 1500s. Details
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Journey into the world of Water for Elephants Musical live at the Imperial Theatre in NYC. Based on the bestselling novel of the same name, this 2.5-hour show features The Flash’s Grant Gustin, Aladdin-The Musical’s Isabelle McCalla, and a talented Broadway cast. Enjoy mesmerizing acrobatics, striking visuals, and unforgettable melodies under the big top! Details
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Total Price: $61.20 (USD)
Find out how the & Juliet musical on Broadway takes a modern (and happier!) rewrite to Shakespeare’s iconic screenplay. This fun and energetic hit show weaves audiences’ love for the source material while turning the drama into a hilarious comedy to enjoy. See & Juliet musical characters brought to life with this amazing production and a score of pop songs. Details
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$122.00 $114.00
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Experience the ancient tale of Orpheus and Eurydice with a thrilling twist in Hadestown. This Broadway musical brings to life the tale of love’s depths and highs as it whisks you on a journey to hell and back as events unfold. Outstanding talent, coupled with mesmerizing music and daring costumes, Hadestown keeps you spellbound from start to finish! Details
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Total Price: $60.18 (USD)
Experience Hell's Kitchen Musical at the Shubert Theatre in New York City. Featuring the music and lyrics of the multi-award-winning Alicia Keys, this 2.5-hour show takes you on a thrilling journey through the vibrant streets of NYC with powerful performances, mesmerizing music, and compelling storytelling. Don't miss this extraordinary Broadway production! Details
$74.00 $70.00
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Experience the glamour of the 1920s on Broadway with The Great Gatsby, starring Jeremy Jordan as Jay Gatsby and Eva Noblezada as Daisy Buchanan. Following a sold-out run at the Paper Mill Playhouse, this lavish production directed by Marc Bruni features choreography by Dominique Kelley and an original score by Jason Howland and Nathan Tysen. Details
$74.00 $64.00
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Experience the thrilling performance of The Outsiders Broadway musical live at Jacobs Theatre, NYC. Based on S.E. Hinton’s beloved novel and Francis Ford Coppola’s iconic film, this groundbreaking adaptation transports you to 1960s Tulsa where tension brews between rival gangs, the Greasers and the Socs. Book now for the timeless tale of courage and resilience! Details
$89.00 $82.00
Total Price: $83.64 (USD)
You Save: $7.00
Watch the award-winning Broadway show The Play That Goes Wrong, a production that indeed leaves you with aching sides and a newfound appreciation for comedy. Set on the opening night of the fictional show "The Murder at Haversham Manor," this show-within-a-show goes from funny to utterly hilarious with its delivery and presentation (or inability to) of a murder mystery act. Details
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$124.00 $91.00
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Immerse yourself in the rock 'n' roll rebellion of Rock opera Tommy by The Who, Broadway's exhilarating spectacle live at the Nederlander Theatre in New York City! Follow the miraculous journey of a boy overcoming adversity to become a pinball legend. This high-voltage 2-hour show dazzles with iconic anthems and a story of triumph that resonates with all. Details
$89.75 $66.00
Total Price: $67.32 (USD)
You Save: $23.75
Set sail with Titanique, the hilarious Off-Broadway show in NYC, as it reimagines the iconic Titanic story with beloved Céline Dion songs like My Heart Will Go On, Taking Chances, and more. Watch this witty parody sail through a sea of laughs live at the Daryl Roth Theatre. Don't miss this thrilling theatrical voyage where comedy and nostalgia collide! Details
$74.00 $59.00
Total Price: $60.18 (USD)
You Save: $15.00

As the seasonal markets open, Christmas lights sparkle, and decorations fill the city, the Christmas bliss on the Broadway stage shines even brighter! In the heart of the Theater District, be welcomed with a symphony of Christmas carols and soul-stirring Christmas shows in New York. Unwrap the glittering tapestry of festive joy and heartwarming stories this holiday season with the Christmas Broadway Shows. The Big Apple is a melting pot of holiday themed adventures, and this holiday, Broadway shows are the heart of it all!

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned adventurer, there is no better way to celebrate the most magical time of the year than the Broadway Christmas shows. Santa Claus is coming to town, bringing the best holiday shows with him. It’s time to treat your friends and family to a magical night out with our carefully curated Christmas Broadway Shows 2023!

A Journey to Iconic Holiday Scenes

Could you resist the infectious energy of the Rockettes’ kick-lines, tap dances, and energy radiating the stage? Witness the stage transform into a Christmas paradise with one of the most-anticipated Broadway shows on Christmas, Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Experience the grandeur of the holidays as you watch festive performances. Don’t miss out on the show's highlight, The Rockettes’ mesmerizing precision of high-flying kicks and perfectly synchronized performances! With their every tap, twist, and twirl, you can feel the Christmas cheer fill the air.

From toy soldiers coming to life in the legendary Parade of the Wooden Soldiers to the awe-inspiring Living Nativity, the show's iconic scenes are a heartwarming way to celebrate the season. And journey along Santa's magical ride to the North Pole as his workshop comes to life! Hold your breath for sights, sounds, and sensory feast, where tradition meets modern spectacle in this unforgettable Christmas show. Get ready for a breathtaking finale that will leave you in awe and feel the true spirit of Christmas.

A Heartwarming Tale for All Ages

Can a cold heart melt under the spell of holiday ghosts and the joy of the season? One of the must-watch Christmas shows on Broadway returns this holiday! Charles Dicken’s beloved classic, A Christmas Carol, takes you on a journey to the Christmas past, present, and future. Watch Ebenezer Srooge's timeless tale about second chances and newfound joy during the season. Let the story of Scrooge remind you of the power of love and kindness to transform even the coldest hearts!

Witness the power of redemption and warmth of the holidays with spectacular talents and touching storytelling. With stunning costumes and magnificent sets in Victorian London, each moment will remind you of the season's magic! Join the emotional journey as the show delights you with an important message that will surely resonate with audiences of all ages.

Dreams and Dazzling Dances

Step into an enchanting world and witness dazzling dance performances in New York City Ballet: The Nutcracker. Experience the journey of Clara as her dreams come true in an astonishing showcase of ballet and enchantment. Enjoy the captivating show, graceful dancers, and delightful characters' adventures. Indulge in this holiday tradition that captures the essence of Christmas, featuring one of the best shows in NYC.

During the holidays, immerse yourself in a full-scale production featuring 90 dancers, 62 musicians, and over 125 children performers. Prepare to be swept away by Tchaikovsky's timeless score, adding depth and emotion to every ballet sequence. Marvel at Balachine's stunning choreography, Karinka's astonishing costume designs, and Rouben Ter-Arutunian's impressive sets. Spark your imagination in the gateway to a fantasyland where the joy of Christmas comes alive through the exquisite artistry of ballet!

Beyond Broadway Spectacle

In the City That Never Sleeps, Broadway Christmas shows are surprises that will make you sleigh with delight. Experience Broadway's touch of holiday magic and witness shows that will warm your heart and delight your senses. From the perfectly synced performances of The Rockettes and the phenomenal ballet performances on The Nutcracker to the moving story of Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, experience the excitement of holiday classics reimagined with splendid costumes and glorious set designs!

Can’t get enough of the theatrical wonder of Christmas Broadway shows? The Big Apple’s December line-up is bursting with unforgettable and phenomenal shows to make your Christmas vacation remarkable! Discover our carefully curated New York City Shows and check out our other Christmas Shows in New York City.

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the halls for the most unforgettable vacation memory this holiday season! With our handpicked Broadway Christmas shows, you won't need to stress over planning and researching. Save your precious time and savor the captivating allure of the best Christmas shows on Broadway. If you're looking for the perfect holiday, we've got you covered! The holiday adventure countdown starts; book your tickets now!