Hummer Tour Moab: 2024 Best Deals

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Hells Revenge Moab trail awaits! Scale one of Moab's famous Redrock fins on your way to Hell's Revenge in this 2-hour guided Moab Hummer tour. Hop aboard and feel the excitement as you journey off-road, weaving in and out of rock canyons and climbing incredible sandstone hills while learning about Moab's unique backcountry from your fun and knowledgeable guide. Details
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Total Price: $110.21 (USD)

Imagine setting forth on a journey that transcends the ordinary—this is what Moab Hummer Tours can offer. Being aboard a rugged, high point Hummer ATV, you'll have an unrivaled opportunity to traverse the petrified sand dunes and unique Moab terrain - an area that's rugged, stunning, and steeped in geological wonder. 

Forget about ordinary sightseeing Moab adventures. A Hummer Tour Moab combines a sense of adventure with an awe-inspiring appreciation for nature. You'll get a rush of adrenaline when the Hummer tackles challenging off-road tracks and the famous Hell's Revenge Trail with ease and agility yet balances with a smooth luxury that ensures your ride is comfortable and enjoyable. The towering red rock formations, expansive La Sal Mountains, Colorado River vistas, and Arches National Parks open up a panorama of surreal beauty. 

The excitement of this highly recommended road adventure is paired with a  knowledgeable and friendly tour guide, ensuring an enriching, engaging, and safe exploration of this magnificent landscape. 

And then there are the unforgettable sunset hummer tours. Few things compare to a Moab desert sunset; this tour in Moab lets you experience them in an extraordinary setting. Set amidst dramatic sandstone cliffs and panoramic desert vistas, the sunset paints the sky in colors so vibrant that it feels as though you've stepped into a painting.

A hummer trip to Moab presents the ideal mix of adventure, learning, and awe-inspiring natural beauty. It's an experience that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat and, more importantly, carry memories that last a lifetime. Remember, it's not just about getting from point A to point B—it's about the journey, the landscape, the knowledge you gain, and the unique perspective you gain of the mesmerizing Moab terrain.

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