Dinner Shows in Chicago: 2024 Best Deals

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One of the country’s longest-running dinner attractions, Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Illinois, offers a fun and exciting way to enjoy a feast with family or friends. Guests can enjoy a banquet-style four-course feast (without silverware) while watching six brave knights compete in skill games atop their beautiful Andalusian stallions. Details
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Imagine settling into a warm, vibrant restaurant in the heart of Chicago for an evening of elegance and entertainment. Having dinner and a show in Chicago is an experience that embodies the dynamic spirit of the city, offering a feast for your senses that goes beyond the ordinary.

A symphony of flavors will dance on your palate as you indulge in a meal expertly crafted by some of the city's talented chefs. The menus across town vary, showcasing everything from hearty American classics to more innovative, globally-inspired dishes. But regardless of where you choose to dine, what truly sets a dinner and show Chicago apart is the exceptional quality and the attention to detail — every ingredient, every garnish, every plate is a testament to the art of culinary mastery.

Following your meal, the second part of the evening awaits - the show. There's an abundance of genres to choose from - comedy, tragedy, music, dance - each performance being a spectacle in its own right. The concert of colors, the harmonies of sound, and the precision of movement all come together on stage, spinning tales that will mesmerize you and transport you into another world.

The thrum of anticipation as the house lights go down, the magic that fills the theatre when the curtain lifts, the connection between the audience and the performers — there are moments of pure enchantment you can only experience with dinner shows in Chicago like Nitti Supper Club.

In essence, having dinner and a show in Chicago is more than just a night out; it's a celebration. It's a way to appreciate the artistry within the kitchen and on the stage, as well as the vibrancy and culture that makes the city of Chicago truly special.

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