What's New at Carowinds 2020?

January 23, 2020

Fans of Carowinds theme park visit again and again for the extreme thrills and wealth of family-friendly fun.

With insane coasters like Fury 325 and festivals such as WinterFest, visitors are treated to endless entertainment at Carowinds. The Carowinds 2020 season is set to be a fantastic experience for new guests and season ticket holders alike.

Wondering what Carowinds has in store for 2020? We’ve got the answer.

Boogie Board Racer

This upcoming summer season, guests can experience the newest addition to Carowinds’ Carolina Harbor, Boogie Board Racer! Six racers will be able to compete against each other on this thrill ride, with some of the slides enclosed and some open to the sun. Regardless, each slide reaches fast speeds and goes through multiple passages. Riders will then enter a 360-degree loop before reaching a surprise drop into the splash zone.

Most exciting of all, this will be the fastest mat racing side in the Southeast!

Grand Carnivale

Get ready to party at Carowinds this summer! Every day from June 13 through July 5, 2020, guests can experience Grand Carnivale at Carowinds, a spectacular cultural celebration that will be fun for the whole family.

Guests can revel during the Spectacle of Color Parade, a vibrant commemoration reflecting international cultural traditions. With mesmerizing decorating floors, street performers, and groovy rhythms, this parade will delight all visitors. After the parade, the Carnivale Street Party invites guests to dance to high-energy live entertainment and dine on delicious international cuisines. Don’t miss out on this must-see summer event.

Plan Your Carowinds 2020 Trip

Skip the ticket line and head straight to Boogie Board Racer when you buy your Carowinds tickets from Tripster Williamsburg.

Will you visit Carowinds in 2020? Tell us what you're most looking forward to in the comments below!

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