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What’s New at Six Flags Magic Mountain 2020?

Even though Six Flags Magic Mountain already boasts 20 roller coasters, 100+ rides, games, and attractions, along with world-class entertainment, the park is adding more fun in 2020. Wondering what you can expect from Six Flags Magic Mountain 2020? Get ready for a year of hair-raising thrills!

New to Six Flags Magic Mountain 2020: West Coast Racers

West Coast Racers already has roller coaster fans on the edge of their seat since Six Flags announced its construction in 2018. Known as the “World’s First Racing Launch Coaster,” West Coast Racers boasts two side-by-side tracks with four individual high-speed launches. Adrenaline junkies will be amazed at the race’s two laps, airtime hills, high-banked turns, over/under near misses.

The brand new roller coaster boasts:

  • Four magnetic launches (a record breaker!) including a side-by-side first and second launch
  • 4,000 feet of track
  • Four inversions, including three zero-G rolls and a zero-G stall
  • Side-by-side airtime hills
  • Side-by-side overbanked turns
  • 14 track crossovers plus a high-five opportunity for 15 train interactions per lap
  • 55 mph speeds

Plus, the ride has an interactive and immersive “pit stop.” This part of the ride was conceptualized and produced by the renowned West Coast Customs themselves! This pit stop gives riders an inside look at the West Coast Customs shop before the race speeds back up again. Of course, the roller coaster cars feature a sleek design only fitting of a West Coast Customs car.

Look out for final updates and the grand opening in 2020. West Coast Racers is expected to open in the fall along with the newly renovated Apocalypse wooden coaster.

The roller coaster is set to live in a brand new area of the park, too. This Los Angeles themed area will be where popular rides, Apocalypse and Cyclone 500 Go Karts are currently located. This section of the park is scheduled to be remodeled and will also include new dining, retail, and game locations for guests!

Major Expansion of Seasonal Events

Six Flags is also expanding its Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park seasonal events. The new Underground area of the park will be transformed for each of park’s popular events. In addition, guests can expect the special event lineup to rise to a whole new level of thrills and entertainment.

Moreover, Fright Fest will unveil a new scare zone, more scare actors, live entertainment, and unique seasonal events to the Underground area in 2020. Holiday in the Park will present even more over-the-top seasonal lighting and themed entertainment. Currently, the new Underground area of the park is under construction, but guests can anticipate an urban street environment showcasing the upcoming West Coast Racers ride.

Get Ready for New Thrills in 2020!

Six Flags Magic Mountain 2020 will be a record-breaking and thrill-seeking year for guests of the Los Angeles area amusement park. Are you pumped to ride the new West Coast Racers roller coaster? Let us know!

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