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Two New Attractions Open in Branson, MO

Two new attractions are opening in Branson today. Castle of Chaos, described as the world’s first such 5D ride, and Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, a modern fairy-tale themed mirror challenge, will open next door to the Hollywood Wax Museum Branson.

Branson visitors who go to the new attractions will enter through a 35-foot-high castle entrance, all designed by Alterface, a Belgium-based developer of interactive entertainment.

3D images with special effects, motion-based seats and a laser-shooting system that tracks scores are all combined at the attractions. The ride creates an experience where visitors discover the fate of 1920s horror film star Carli Winepeg and her 25-man crew, who mysteriously disappeared while shooting the film “Castle of Chaos” inside a 15th century castle.
There are eight different sequences at the attraction, so visitors can have different experiences and build on their scores on each visit.

At Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors guests are challenged by a maze that has 288 potential turns among hundreds of mirrored walls and archways.