Robert Renzoni Vineyards

In the heart of Southern California wine country, Robert Renzoni Vineyards offers brick oven pizza, hot air balloon rides, and unparalleled wine tasting in a breathtaking setting across 2,500 acres of robust vineyards, rolling hills, and stunning mountain views.

Robert Renzoni Vineyards has a rich tapestry embedded with traditions passed down through generations to produce the finest quality wines for others to enjoy. The Renzoni family hailed from the coasts of northern Italy, where they began creating their signature Tuscan wines.

Nestled in the gorgeous hills of Temecula Valley, California, Robert Renzoni Vineyards began producing award-winning Tuscan-style wines in 2008. Beloved favorites include the Brunello Cabernet Blend, the Concerto, the Old Vine Zinfandel, the Sangiovese and the Bellisimo.

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As a result, their delicious wines draw hundreds of connoisseurs from across the globe. What's more, a trip to Renzoni Vineyards might include a morning hot-air balloon ride, a lunch picnic with down-home classic Italian fare, and an evening experience of Renzoni's wine tasting and pairing.

Wide shot overlooking endless rows of grapes with building in the far distance on the Temecula Wine & Vine Tour in San Diego, California, USA

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Photo Alert: The stunning surroundings, spectacular mountains, and charming olive grove trees offer a picturesque backdrop for great photo opportunities.

In addition, over 37 publications recognized Renzoni wines and awarded them over 42 critics' choice awards, including the Cilurzo Award for Winery of the Year. The Renzoni vineyards are comprised of 12 acres across Temecula Valley with the ideal growing elements: three distinct soil types, multiple elevations, and the perfect microclimates.

Equally important, Renzoni planted the vineyards with a unilateral cordon and vertical trellising, which allows for the maximum balance of good lighting for the proper ratio of leaves to berries. The vineyards are split across ten acres consisting of the classic Bordeaux and Italian grape varieties, Cabernet, Pino Grigio, Sangiovese, and one acre of Barbera.

Robert Renzoni's Tasting Experience

  • Classico: This classic experience is popular with guests and includes five wine tasting selections. The tasting includes souvenir stemmed crystal glasses. The Classico experience costs $25 per person. Operating hours for this venue are from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Pro Tip: Avoid wearing perfume or aftershave, which can affect the taste and aroma of the wine for yourself and others.

  • Grandioso VIP Tour: This premier tasting experience is upstairs in the signature Buffalo Room and includes an assortment of fine cheeses and charcuteries imported from Italy. The cost is $75 per person and $60 for members. Operating hours for this tour are from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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Mama Rosa’s Trattoria

If you're seeking delicious fire-roasted pizzas and homemade marinara, Mama Rosa's is the only place in Temecula Wine Country with a brick oven that serves delicious Italian comfort food. Mama Rosa's is not a full-service restaurant but provides a relaxed ambiance where guests can enjoy their entrees in Temecula's beautiful surroundings. Visit Temecula Valley (VTV) presents Xenia Hospitality awards to individuals and businesses in tourism who display exemplary hospitality and service. They recently nominated executive chef Carmen Meza for a Xenia Award, and the Trattoria for the Champion Culinary Award.

Pro Tip: Come hungry! It's easy to indulge here when Mama Rosa's dishes are packed in Tuscan flavors with authentic, fresh ingredients.

Renzoni Estate Picnic Grounds

Anyone can take pleasure in Renzoni's quaint picnic grounds with the scenic vistas and running creeks. Guests have the option of packing their own lunch, ordering take-out from Mama Rosa's, or simply purchasing wine through the Tasting Room. According to Renzoni's state license, no outside alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises. Renzoni welcomes well-behaved children and pets, and no reservations are required.

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Renzoni Hot Air Balloon Rides

The best way to take in the beautiful landscapes of Temecula is from high in the sky. Robert Renzoni's hot air balloons take guests above the trees to enjoy the region's tranquility and soft ocean breezes. The sunrise ride lasts around an hour to 90 minutes. This guided tour through the hills of Temecula features local points of interest and information on the local vineyards.

sunrise over hot air balloons in the air in Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando Balloon Rides

Afterward, participants enjoy a champagne toast and continental breakfast on the picnic grounds. Renzoni provides desserts and treats for special events like birthdays and anniversaries. Be sure to inform the staff when booking your reservation. Afterward, the staff awards guests with a certificate for their aeronautic prowess.

Pro Tip: When booking your hot air balloon ride, mention you heard about the adventure from the Robert Renzoni Vineyards and save an additional $10 off the price.

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The Vineyard offers balloon ride tours daily at 5:30 a.m. when the winds are calm, weather permitting. Flights range from $135 per person to $155. Adventurers should plan three hours for the entire excursion.

Renzoni Family History

In 1886, off the coast of the Adriatic Sea, in a small Italian village near Fano, Italy, the Renzoni ancestors started a family tradition. Federico Renzoni and his father produced wine from their local vineyards before emigrating to America in 1912. Then, Federico opened a wine and cordial business that stalled during Prohibition.  It slowly continued until 1972 when Renzoni sold the Italian and French Wine Company family business. Finally, in 1993, the Renzoni's were on their way to success. They began doing business with prominent Californian-Italian winemakers, including August Sebastiani, Lorenzo Cella, and Cesare Mondavi.

As a result, in 1999 the family relocated to California, where they purchased property on De Portola Road in Temecula. They planted the original vineyards in 2006. With only one small existing Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard, the rest was ripe, undeveloped virgin soil, perfect for new vineyards. The Robert Renzoni Winery and Vineyards opened its doors in 2008.

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Robert Renzoni Vineyards Hours of Operation 

(Reservations are recommended for both)

The Tasting Room is open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Mama Rosa's Trattoria is open daily from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


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