Ippudo NY in New York City

Ippudo NY is considered one of the best ramen spots in the city. In the NoHo section of Manhattan, this hip Japanese chain is sure to delight ramen fans.

Ippudo, best known for its tonkotsu ramen, actually means 'one wind hall' in Japanese.  Founder and CEO, Shigemi Kawahara named the eatery with the intention to revolutionize the ramen industry by blowing the dark clouds away.

With locations worldwide, the first restaurant opened in Fukuoka City in 1985. Then 2008, the first overseas eatery opened in New York City, taking the East Village by storm, with another location in Midtown West.

Besides the 'best bowl of ramen money can buy,' Ippudo's menu includes its legendary pork buns and Hirata chicken wings with an original spicy sauce.

Ippudos's is for sure one of the best pre-theater eats in town.

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