DuPont State Recreational Forest in Asheville

The cascading falls and lush forests of Cedar Mountain’s DuPont State Recreational Forest make it a prime attraction for outdoor enthusiasts across the country.

DuPont State Forest, 50 minutes due south of Asheville, offers over 100 miles of recreational trails across its 10,400 acres.

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Visitors can explore the DuPont Waterfalls and Lakes Tour Hike, with views of five of the six major waterfalls and three of DuPont’s stunning lakes. The first part of this hike is kid-friendly though the second part is slightly more strenuous and suitable for more experienced hikers.

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The more advanced adventures seekers might trek to the top of Cedar Rock or Stone Mountain for extraordinary vistas. Below Hooker Falls, a section of Cascade Lake has become a popular swimming destination. Swimming is allowed within 300 feet of the waterfall, but jumping and diving from the falls are prohibited.

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North Carolina’s first State Recreational Forest earned its title in 2011 when the state passed a bill that recognized the park as a recreational attraction.

Fishing is allowed in the DuPont Forest, while visitors are asked to follow the state’s Wildlife Regulations Digest rules. Biking and horseback riding are also very popular in the area.

The Visitor Center and restrooms are in the High Falls parking area, where travelers can find maps and other informational resources.

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The Dupont Forest also presents nearly 100 miles of varied trails for mountain bikers. Riders choose to travel over large, solid granite domes between mammoth pine trees or bike on trails near the spectacular waterfalls along the Little River. Most courses have good signage to indicate if they are for bikes, hiking, or equestrian.

There is no admission fee to visit DuPont Forest. Operating hours are from 5:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Dogs are allowed but must be on leashes at all times.

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