Cherry Hill in New York City

NYC's famed fountain, Cherry Hill, is located in the Cherry Hill Plaza in Central Park and is named for its gorgeous cherry trees that bloom each spring.

Cherry Hill is a popular Central Park destination overlooking a serene Lake where boaters enjoy the water. The 14-foot Cherry Hill Fountain was built in 1860 as a watering trough for horses. Carriages still roam the area for their scenic views. Each spring, tourists flock to Cherry Hill to take in the Yoshino cherry trees with their pink and white blossoms.

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The fountain looks like the famous fountain from the opening of the show Friends, but in fact, the sitcom's opening was filmed on a Warner Brothers lot in California.

The Cherry Hill area is near notable landmarks such as the Bethesda Fountain Terrace and the Bow Bridge. The location is ideal for weddings and large receptions, especially in the spring when the trees are in full bloom.




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