Tips for Getting Around Oahu

September 3, 2015

Although Oahu is indeed an island, there’s a lot to see and do.

Get a head start on your travel plans with these tips for getting around Oahu. Traveling around the island can be quite the task due to the amount of traffic and sheer volume of cars on the road coupled with the fact that highways here are only three lanes and roads are often one-lane.

First of all, you’re going to need to rent a car. The thing with rental cars that you’re going to want to remember is that, they’re rental cars, meaning you shouldn’t put yourself in any kind of a position where people will realize you’re not from here, such as trespassing, etc. While you may want to venture off the beaten path and do some things not listed in the typical guidebook, the key to getting around here is respect. When someone lets you switch lanes, wave a thank-you and carry on, that’s just the Hawaiian way. While gas is going down at the moment, the price at the pump here is a bit pricier but there are plenty of gas stations in town and near Waikiki that you can fill up at before the journey out. The good thing is that because we’re on an island and if you’re running low on gas, you can usually just take a freeway cut off into a neighboring town to fill up there as well.

The other thing about driving here is that there’s a lot of traffic. A car is going to be your best bet because The Bus, while it runs, isn’t always the best means of getting around to places. It can be late, crowded etc. However, if you do need to catch The Bus, the fare is $2.50 one way and a monthly bus pass will cost you $60. That being said you’re going to want to plan early if you’re thinking of venturing out to places like the North Shore or to Kailua because you will hit rush-hour traffic going west-bound starting around 3 or 4 o’clock p.m. and you’ll hit traffic going east-bound from around 4 or 5ish p.m.

Other options that you may want to consider are going on tour buses. You won’t have to do any of the driving and can simply enjoy snapping some photos, sitting in air-conditioned comfort and seeing the sights. There’s a Grand Circle Tour which takes you around the island for 120 miles and through Discover Hawaii Tours you can select a whole slew of tours that will fit all your venturing needs from hidden gems on the island to seeing and hearing about the rich history of the island as well.

If you’re looking for an entirely different way to get around I suggest renting mopeds. While you can’t go on highways with these things a fun trip east can be made as there is a bike lane and the drive will put you alongside some beautiful coast line as you follow Kalanianaole. Other means of transportation include wet-and-wild duck tours. They’ll take you either to Hanauma Bay or to see the memorials out West. If you want to head underwater take a submarine tour with Atlantis Adventures.

Get around and get down and get your aloha spirit on! Follow these tips to getting around Oahu to make your vacation a breeze.

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