Times Square for First Time Visitors

February 10, 2015

The bright lights of the big city don’t shine any brighter than they do here.

It’s my first night in New York City. Want to take a guess where I go first? If you guessed Times Square, you’d be right! And I knew I had to see it for myself – ASAP!


I recommend bringing a camera, patience and a high tolerance for crowds. Everyone the world over is eager to see Times Square NYC, so it’s packed with visitors. You’ll also want to go after dark, to see Times Square at its eye-popping, illuminated best.


Once you’re there, French, Italian, Spanish and a melee of other languages will fill your ears. Your eyes will widen as larger-than-life billboards and big screens assault your vision. It’s over-the-top. Outlandish. Mesmerizing. And very New York City.


The TKTS stairs, centrally stacked in the heart of the square, are the best place to absorb the energetic appeal. Grab a slice of pizza, climb towards the top and sit. Savor the hustle. The bustle. And the downright electric atmosphere around you. Once you’ve devoured your folded-up pizza slice (is there any other way to eat NYC pizza?), pose for a photo in the middle of madness. Then snap several more, including a panoramic photo if your camera allows to capture as much of the scene as possible.


As you walk around Times Square New York, be prepared for even more wild, unusual and only-in-New-York sights. The Naked Cowboy? Yep, he’s there. Spider-Man? He’s here to save the day! Even kid classics like the Cookie Monster and New York icons like the Statue of Liberty walk these streets. You know you’ll want to pose for a can’t-wait-to-upload-this-to-Facebook photo, so bring cash as tips are appreciated. (More like demanded by some, but still.) Aside from the spectacles, you’ll find true New York sights like a lite-brite style American flag and NYPD police atop horses.


I have a blast every time I’m in Times Square. My senses tingle at the bevy of stimulation. And my inner pop culture junkie always cherishes being in the center of it all.

Have you ever been to Times Square? What was your experience like? Take a minute and tell me about it in the comments! Leave any tips you may have, too.

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