Set Sail with Pirates Voyage for Fun on the High Seas

September 20, 2013

Are you ready to set sail with Pirates Voyage?

Myrtle Beach’s favorite family-friendly show features fun, feast and adventure as two pirate crews battle it out for the rights to Davy Jones’ lost treasure. The show bills itself as “The Most Breathtaking Dinner Show Ever” and after seeing the show, we definitely agree! 

Pirates Voyage Myrtle Beach is an immersive experience from the start as pre-show festivities begin at the interactive Pirate’s Village at about an hour before show time.  Be sure to get there early, grab some popcorn and a tasty rum (or non-alcoholic) drink and learn to talk like a pirate, enjoy sing-a-longs, juggling and even some sea lion showmanship, along with other strolling entertainers.  There’s pre-entertainment for the kids too as they can join the pirate crew by getting outfitted with pirate make-up and costume (for an additional cost) as well as hunt for buried treasure.  It’s great fun for the kids and they even get to take part in lessons on how to be a proper pirate, complete with sword play. 
Just as you’re getting your “Aarrgggh’s” and “Ahoy’s” perfected, it’s time for the show to start.  Once inside the main arena, the epic staging presented is impressive.  Known as Buccaneer Bay, guests are seated around two pirate ships in a 15-foot-deep, 750,000-gallon lagoon.  Attendees are divided into pirate crews – Crimson or Sapphire – and are urged to cheer their crews on as they battle for treasure on the high seas with about 30 actors tumbling, swimming, singing, dancing and sword fighting their way to victory.  Pirates Voyage Myrtle Beach SC begins with the introduction of the Captains for both pirate crews, with Captain Red Scarlet leading the Crimson Crew and Captain Indigo Blue in charge of the Sapphire crew.  Creamy vegetable soup and cheddar biscuits are served promptly after pirate crew introductions and the fight for treasure is on.   You’ll be amazed at the acrobatics displayed with pirates leaping from diving boards, tumbling across the decks, and jumping from ship to ship with ease.   All of this happens while you’re dining on your Pirate Feast.  Succulent chicken, savory barbeque ribs, mashed potatoes and corn on the cobb are piled high on your plate.  No matey goes hungry at Pirates Voyage as dessert, an apple pie turnover, completes the feast.

The show features comedy too, as First Mate Snipe’s shenanigans routinely keep him just out of trouble’s reach.  Other highlights include an aerial dance mermaid segment, set to an original Dolly Parton score, raising the drama to new heights with acrobatic dives and a dramatic lagoon fire scene.  Scenes featuring talented sea lions who want to be pirates brought laughs and smiles.  They dance and do creative tricks all before a storm brews inside Buccaneer Bay.  That’s when the real fight to the death begins, as the ghost of Davy Jones rises from the lagoon and declares a Pirate Competition, the winner taking the prize of Davy Jones’ lost treasure.  From pirate crew diving competitions to a rope swing relay race to Labrador and sea lion swim-offs, the competition is a fast-paced, action-packed segment. 

No pirate competition would be complete without some audience participation, though.   Be prepared to participate in Bilge Bucket Brigade and Pirate Relay Races.  Even if you’re not picked, it’s a barrel of fun to watch! 
A final Pirate Relay Race rounds out the festivities before cheating claims mars the competition and a sword fight to settle the score takes place.  The incredible energetic showmanship and skills of the pirates mesmerized me, but soon enough the ghost of Davy Jones appears, all pirates are declared winners and the lost treasure rises from the lagoon, and both pirate crews join in a rousing performance of “Treasure of Gold” to close the show.

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