Samson in Branson
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Samson in Branson: 5 Things to Know About the Show

Who would have thought that a show about one of the Bible’s most notorious stories could have you on the edge of your seat for 2.5 hours straight? Samson, performed at the Sight and Sound Theatre in Branson, MO combines a compelling story with Broadway-level music, costumes, and effects for an unbelievable performance.

Before you get your tickets for Samson in Branson, there are five things you must know.

1. Samson is Great for the Whole Family

If you’re familiar with the story of Samson, you might be a bit wary of bringing your children to the show. However, the show’s creators have done an amazing job at bringing Samson’s story to life while appealing to all ages.

While the show is ideal for children ages 5 and up, the theater welcomes audience members of all ages. In addition, if your little one can’t sit through the full 2.5-hour performance, head to the Family Room. Those who visit the Family Room won’t miss a minute of the show either! The room includes a live video of the performance!

2. Prepare for a Moving Message

The creative team at Sight and Sound Theatres understand that their audiences may not know the story of Samson by heart. Samson in Branson does an excellent job of telling the biblical story without being over-the-top, complicated, or watered down for younger audience members.

Throughout the enthralling production, the lessons of Samson’s story are easily understood and portrayed by the cast and crew. You’ll leave the performance inspired, uplifted, and marveling at the miracles of faith.

3. Jaw-Dropping Theatrics

As Samson in Branson is a professional production, the crew spared no expense in bringing the story to life. From the hand-sewn and historically-accurate costumes to the lifelike sets and props, the production makes audiences feel as though they’re part of the story.

Word of warning: you’ll likely find yourself sitting with your mouth wide open as Samson demonstrates feats of strength. Or, as the set magically transforms from scene-to-scene.

Plus, to make the production realistic and entertaining, the show uses the talents of live animals! Horses, dogs, and more help set the scene for Samson’s tale as he battles the Philistines.

Samson in Branson

4. Unbelievable Talent

Without the unparalleled talent of the cast and crew, the company would be unable to bring Samson in Branson to the stage. You’ll find yourself in awe of how talented the cast is as they sing their hearts out, recreate battle with epic stage fighting techniques, and perform remarkable dance numbers.

These professional performers come from all over the world and experience a rigorous audition process. Everything about this production is top-notch, from the set design to the magnificent performers.

5. Boasts an Inspiring Score

Did I mention Samson in Branson is a musical? The creative team behind this world-class production developed and produced every single song in the performance for a truly original and inspiring musical score. You’ll leave the theater humming the songs or on your way to the merchandise table to purchase the CD.

Not only are the musical numbers catchy, they are inspiring. Each song contains a distinct message audience members can take with them and call upon long after the show.

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