RJA Ghost Tours: Everything to Know Before You Go

January 14, 2020

Searching for something fun yet spooky to do in San Antonio?

If so, RJA Ghost Tours is the perfect activity for you. This company specializes in the paranormal but they’re also experts in the history and uniqueness of San Antonio. As a result, their tours provide insight into the city—and some spine-tingling moments too!

RJA Ghost Tours: What to Expect

Before you book with RJA Ghost Tours, you may be wondering what exactly you’re signing up for. Will you encounter ghosts? Or is it more history-based? Are tours for visitors only? All of these are good questions!

Ghost encounters are guaranteed. (The paranormal can be very unpredictable!) That said, these guided tours provide in-depth history lessons on San Antonio as well as incredible ghost stories and photo opportunities. Many of the sites included on the tour are more than a hundred years old, so they certainly have a story to be told! All in all, you’ll come away with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the haunted history of this diverse destination when you take an RJA Ghost Tour.

In addition, we recommend RJA Ghost Tours for both locals and visitors alike. Even if you’re a local you’re bound to learn something new thanks to the company’s knowledgeable guides. Moreover, looking at San Antonio’s historic sites through a paranormal lens adds an entirely different layer to sightseeing in the city. In addition, the guides are trained, paranormal investigators. As a result, before the start of each tour, the guide will provide more information as to how they became qualified to lead the ghost tour.

RJA Ghost Tours

RJA Ghost Tours: Before You Go

Now that you know what to expect on the tour, we thought we’d share a few tips before you go.

  • Tours are approximately two hours long. As they are walking tours, wearing comfortable shoes is a must!
  • Prepare to stay up late. Tours begin at 9 pm nightly.
  • Bring water with you. All that walking can really work up a thirst.
  • Be sure to carry a camera or bring your phone with you. While ghosts cannot always be seen with the naked eye, you’d be surprised what a camera can capture.

Secure Your Spot with RJA Ghost Tours

Are you ready to experience the myths, the legends, and the true history of San Antonio? If so, book your tour today. This interactive experience is fun, educational, and totally unique.

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