Ripley’s Orlando Museum: Do You Believe It or Not?

April 28, 2017

Let’s take a look at some of the mysterious and intriguing things you’ll find inside Ripley’s Orlando Museum.

Starting with the first comic created by Robert Ripley in 1918, the Ripley’s franchise has always taken pride in their ability to awe audiences. You can find everything from shrunken heads to the world’s tallest man at their museums—excuse me, Odditoriums. And Ripley’s Orlando Museum is no exception.

Ripley’s Orlando Museum image via Ruth Hara / flickr

A Headless Chicken

I wish I were kidding about this one…

In Ripley’s Orlando Museum, you’ll find an exhibit featuring a headless chicken. No, not an actual one (thankfully). You’ll learn about a rooster who was decapitated in 1945 and survived for 18 months without a head. Naturally, this phenomenon of a chicken became a popular roadside attraction where audiences could look at him for 25 cents a piece.

Not necessarily my type of entertainment, but it certainly is something odd!

The Asmat Cannibal Skull

As an amateur anthropologist, Robert Ripley collected items from around the world for his personal collection. It was these artifacts that inspired him to create the museums. One of these artifacts includes the Asmat Cannibal Skull.

The Asmat tribe were a Melanesian tribe known for their cannibalistic ways. At Ripley’s Orlando Museum, you can view one of their victim’s skulls. However, the odd part about this artifact is that the Asmat people would use their enemies’ skulls as pillows to sleep on.

The World’s Tallest Man

While the World’s Tallest Man is not there in person, you can see a replica of him standing over 8-feet tall! Go stand next to his replica and see how you compare. Don’t forget to bring a camera! This is a hilarious photo opportunity.

Visit Ripley’s Orlando Museum During Your Vacation

The next time you find yourself in Orlando, head over to Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium. Featuring more than 600 artifacts throughout 16 mystifying exhibits, this is one of Orlando’s top attractions for a reason.

And of course, at the end of your experience ask yourself: Do you believe it? Or not?

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