Ripley's Museum Branson: See If You Believe It or Not

May 22, 2017

Discover why Ripley's Museum is fun for the whole family.

When you visit Branson, MO you know there's a lot to do. That's why you're here, right?  One attraction that should be on your list is Ripley's Museum Branson. It's an interactive museum with oddities and rare exhibits that will keep the whole family captivated.

Ripley's Museum Branson Tour

Guests are greeted by a massive Transformer at Ripley’s Museum Branson.

A tour of the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum in Branson begins outside rather than inside. Parents and children alike marvel at the structure of the museum, built to show the effects of an unbelievable 8.0 earthquake that hit Missouri in 1812. It’s a great place to take memorable photographs.

The self-guided tours of the Ripley's Museum Branson can take as little or as long as you like. I toured for an hour, and still didn’t see it all! There are a lot of visual items that are great for children, such as the speaking hologram of Robert Ripley and the Mystery of the Vanishing Woman. I enjoyed the Quiz Room, where unbelievable facts and interesting brain teasers create an interactive experience.

The Tribal Room and Marine Room house artifacts like a genuine shrunken head from an Jivaro Tribe and unique aquatic oddities like the contents of a Shark’s stomach, which believe it or not, held everything but the kitchen sink, including a 50 pound anchor!

Relatively new to the museum is a a 22-foot tall Transformer sculpture made of scrap car parts. It

A two-headed calf is just one of the oddities you’ll see at Ripley’s Museum Branson.

stands guard outside the front entrance of the museum, making it hard to miss and perfect for photo ops.

My personal favorite exhibit was the room of extraordinary people, where I could compare myself to

both the world’s tallest man and world’s largest man and marvel at rare creatures like the Unicorn Man and Lighthouse man. The fun, however, doesn’t end until you travel through the barrel room where the movement isn’t real, but you’ll believe it is!

Ripley's Museum Tour Tips

Allot yourself at least an hour to view the museum, as crowds can vary and there truly is a lot to take in. Be sure to bring your camera too, as Branson's Ripley’s Museum encourages guests to take photographs throughout the museum. These amazing exhibits were fun, but several have moderate reading involved, which may be a bit distracting for young children.

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