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5 Reasons Snorkeling on Maui Ranks High

Maui is one of the top places in the world to snorkel. When you vacation on this exotic island you can experience not only a lush tropical setting on land, but explore a vibrant underwater world teeming with sea life. There about 40 popular places to snorkel on Maui. Before you go, learn why so snorkeling is so great off the shores of this Hawaiian island.

Wonderful and beautiful underwater world with corals and tropical fish.
Corals and tropical fish create a vivid underwater world

1) Beach Access: Many Maui snorkel spots are accessible by beach. This is wonderfully convenient as you don’t have to charter a boat. Plus, it’s economical as there is no excursion cost. The fact the beaches are extremely beautiful doesn’t hurt either.

2) Water Depth: The water depth of most Maui snorkel spots are perfect for snorkelers, even first-timers. You can feel safe and secure snorkeling in Maui.

3) Sea Turtles: There is an abundance of sea turtles in Maui and spotting one while snorkeling is a definite highlight. If you keep your distance you can swim with one and watch it gracefully glide through the ocean waters.

4) Sea Life and Corals: Healthy, vibrant coral thrives in Maui waters. Colorful tropical fish also abound, making for plenty of snorkeling buddies.

5) Clarity: Snorkeling on Maui is fantastic because the waters are clear allowing for great viewing of sea life and corals. It also makes it easy to navigate the area you’re snorkeling.

When you go snorkeling on Maui, the earlier you start in the day the better. Winds can pick up in the afternoon. For this reason, it is more difficult to have a peaceful snorkeling experience.

You can rent snorkeling gear at places like Snorkel Bob’s, so you’re set for a great day at the beach.

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