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Make the Most of your MoMA Tickets with these Tips

You’ve no doubt heard of the world-class museums of New York City. It’s hard not to as they are teeming with the best artistic works ever created. An array of pieces are on display, from neoclassical masterpieces to avant-garde creations. To view the best in modern and contemporary art, a trip to The Museum of Modern Art is in order. The museum’s collections is one of pop art, architecture, media and more, including Vincent Van Gogh’s stroke of genius – “The Starry Night.” Be sure to make the most of your day with these MoMA tips.

Plan Your Visit with these MoMA Tips

If you’re planning a visit to MoMA, as it’s affectionately known, the best thing is to have just that – a plan. There is a lot to consider, which is why these MoMA tips are essential to making the most of your time at this world-class museum.

Museum of Modern Art 15510568079_d790eed34e_z Flickr MoMA Tips
Vincent Van Gogh “The Starry Night”/Mike Steele, Flickr

How much time do you have?

Have only a short amount of time? Visit Floor Five first. Here, you’ll gaze upon “The Starry Night.” It’s a surreal feeling to view this painting up-close and in person. After all, I’ve seen countless reprints on everything from posters to blankets, and learned all about it through art history class. You can take your picture with painting, and luckily the crowds are usually genial.

Then, feast your eyes on Claude Monet’s “Water Lillies” and Pablo Picasso’s “Girl Before a Mirror.” Frida Kahlo, Henry Matisse and Piet Mondrian are other notable artists to see on the Fifth Floor. My next MoMA tip? Make the Fourth Floor your second stop should be the Fourth Floor. The drip canvases of Jackson Pollock’s “One: Number 31, 1950” and “Number 1A, 1948” are worthy of your time, as are the Andy Warhol pop art pieces “Gold Marilyn Monroe” and “Campbell’s Soup Cans.”

new_york_city_411 MoMA Tips
Jasper Johns “Flag”

Which mediums are your personal favorites?

MoMA has exhibits designated to a variety of art works. Look at how they’re divided, then pick which works are on your can’t miss list.

Floor 2: Contemporary Galleries (1980-Now), Prints and Illustrated Books, Media
Floor 3: Architecture and Design, Drawings, Photography
Floor 4: Painting and Sculpture II
Floor 5: Painting and Sculpture I
Floor 6: Exhibitions

Are kids part of your group?

If kids are part of your plan, this MoMA tip is for you.

Start your visit by picking up a Listen to MoMA Audio: Kids Guide for ages 5-12. They’re available on the first floor. Then, go to the Education and Family Information desk on the second floor. There you can pick up free art cards and learn about family programs. Concentrate on specific kid-friendly art works like Arthur Young’s “Bell-47D1 Helicopter” Ferrari’s Formula 1 Racing Car.

nyc_march_2012_502 MoMA Tips
Jackson Pollock’ “One: Number 31, 1950”

Which pieces are must-sees?

One of the best MoMA tips is simply knowing where the must-see art pieces are on display. Use this quick guide to easily access the best of MoMA.

Andy Warhol “Rorschach” (Floor 2)
Jackson Pollock “One: Number 31” (Floor 4)
Andy Warhol “Gold Marilyn Monroe” (Floor 4)
Vincent Van Gogh “The Starry Night” (Floor 5)
Henri Rousseau “Sleeping Gypsy” (Floor 5)
Pablo Picasso “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” (Floor 5)
Claude Monet “Water Lillies” (Floor 5)
Salvador Dali “The Persistence of Memory” (Floor 5)
Henri Matisse “Dance” (Floor 5)
Andrew Wyeth “Christina’s World” (Floor 5)
Paul Cezanne “Still Life with Apples” (Floor 5)

new_york_city_389 MoMA Tips
Andrew Wyeth “Christina’s World”

Helpful Tips & Tricks for Visiting MoMA

Use your time wisely and book your MoMA tickets in advance. For example, when you pre-purchase your tickets you can skip the ticket line. This will give you a head start on your tour of this renowned collection. The Museum of Modern Art is open daily (except for Christmas and Thanksgiving) from 10:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. On Fridays, MoMA is open until 8pm, with free admission offered from 4pm-8pm. Taking advantage of this free time saves money, but there are also much larger crowds. Keep that in mind when planning your day at this modern art marvel.

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