5 Favorite Family Kingdom Rides

April 7, 2017

Myrtle Beach’s amusement park by the sea has enchanted visitors for more than 35 years.

Featuring classic family fun and more than 35 thrilling rides, Family Kingdom offers an affordable way to play in Myrtle Beach. The seaside attraction consistently adds new rides, such as Twist ‘n Shout in 2013 and Jump Around Dune Buggies in 2014. Of course, there are time-tested rides like the log flume too, which are still popular with park-goers. Keep reading to find out which are my favorite Family Kingdom rides.

guests in the air on the Sling Shot ride at Family Kingdom Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

1) Swamp Fox Roller Coaster

The Swamp Fox wooden roller coaster has been a Myrtle Beach landmark since it opened in 1966. With 2,400 feet of all-wooden track, this ride promises a thrilling trip with a bonus ocean view.

2) Yo-Yo

The Yo-Yo Swings at Family Kingdom Myrtle Beach reminds me of my childhood, and the annual county fairs I would attend. Sitting on these swings, with the wind rushing through my air, spinning higher and higher, it’s easy to not have a care in the world and feel like a kid again!

3) Dodgem Bumper Cars

I can’t seem to get through a round of Bumper Cars without laughing uncontrollably—and that’s why it’s so much fun! As I steer my car through the masses of cars and lightheartedly bump into friends, family, and even strangers, I can’t help but smile.

4) Sling Shot

Nothing makes my adrenaline rush faster than drop towers. Roller coasters are fun, but the Sling Shot drop tower makes my belly flip. The 100-foot freefall makes it one of the best thrill rides at Family Kingdom.

5) Ferris Wheel

It’s hard to beat the classic fun of a Ferris Wheel. The unique round gondolas of the Family Kingdom Ferris Wheel climbs to heights of 100-feet offering unobstructed views of the Myrtle Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

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