5 Beach Activities to Try on Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

March 4, 2019

With 60 miles of beaches and a prime oceanfront setting, coastal Myrtle Beach is a beautiful vacation destination attraction millions of visitors each year. 

There are entertaining shows to see and engaging attractions to visit but perhaps the biggest attraction on the Grand Strand is the beach itself.  If you plan on dipping your toes in the sand and diving into the Atlantic Ocean during your trip, be sure to include these beach activities for even more fun in the sun.

kids parasailing over ocean



Top 5 Beach Activities in Myrtle Beach

1) Banana Boat Ride

Go for a wild ride aboard a banana boat as Jet Skis pull you through the ocean waters.  The experience is similar to white water rafting on the ocean and is definitely a thrill.  Watersports companies can be found up and down Ocean Boulevard, but Express Watersports offers the longest rides on the beach and are located in Murrell’s Inlet. 

2) Parasailing

For a view of Myrtle Beach like no other, try out a parasailing trip. Sail high above the water with a friend or two to experience the thrill of flying. You won’t believe thrills and scenes you’ll take in while parasailing over the Atlantic Ocean. Ocean Watersports takes high-quality pictures of you and your crew while you’re in the air and are highly recommended.

3) Seashell Hunting

What better way to explore the seashore than searching for seashells?  You never know what treasures you might find.  Bring a bucket to carry your shells as you walk the beach and a Ziploc bag so you can safely stow your collection for the trip home.

4) Jet Skis

Experience one of the most action-packed water activities with a ride aboard a Jet Ski!  Rental companies can be found up and down the Grand Strand.  One, two and three person jet skis are available seven days a week all summer long.  We recommend reserving a Jet Ski with Myrtle Beach Watersports as they have five locations and early morning Jet Ski discounts.

5) Pier Fishing

Grab a rod and reel and cast your line into the ocean waters of the Atlantic. Piers have tackle shops with fishing rods, bait, licenses and anything you could possibly need to enjoy a day of fishing.  Check out this convenient list of Myrtle Beach Fishing Piers for more information.

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