How to Score Disney World Vacation Deals

April 13, 2017

Everyone knows that planning a Disney World vacation is a magical experience. Finding your dream hotel, drafting a theme park itinerary, and pulling your mouse ears out of the attic are all such a rush!

Yet, you still haven’t actually booked your trip. What’s keeping you from booking your vacation? Oh, right. The price.

It’s no secret that a family vacation to Walt Disney World costs a pretty penny. Even planning a Disney trip for two can add up quickly. But don’t worry! There are numerous Disney World vacation deals out there that can help lower your overall cost. You just need to know how and where to find them.

Know Your Vacation Plan

Before you can begin to think about scouring the Internet for the top Disney World vacation deals, you need to have a rough vacation plan in place. Knowing these details will help you refine your search for the best discounts.

If possible, try to have answers to the following vacation questions:

  • How many theme park tickets will you need?
  • How do you plan to travel to Orlando? By plane? Car?
  • How many days do you plan to spend in the parks?
  • Do you have a set vacation budget or is your spending flexible?
  • When do you plan on vacationing in Disney World?

Of course, this is a lot of information to sort through. While you may not have all the answers right away, having a rough idea will be useful when searching for ways to save.

Do Your Research

The Internet is riddled with Walt Disney World discounts, packages, travel agents, and more. With so much clutter, it’s hard to know which deals are worth your time.

For starters, do not pay for tickets, packages, or any form of Disney World vacation deals on websites such as Craigslist. Disney goes to great lengths to ensure that tickets are used by their rightful owners. Purchasing “unused” or “extra” tickets on a yard sale style website will not get you past the theme park gates.

Whenever you look for deals and discounts online, use a reputable, trusted source such as Tripster. As a rule of thumb, if the offer seems too good to be true — it is.

Along with doing your research to find the elusive discounts, you also need to examine the deals themselves. Not all Disney vacation packages will suit your travel plans or budget. Whether you find your Disney World vacation deals through the resort or a credible reseller, always do your due diligence.

Use These Tips to Score Disney World Vacation Deals

Once you’ve got a rough vacation plan sorted out and have done a bit of research, use these tips to find even more Disney World savings.  

Travel in the Off-Season

If your travel plans allow, schedule your trip to Walt Disney World during the off-season. The slower times are typically as follows:

  • Mid-January through the beginning of March
  • May (up until Memorial Day weekend)
  • Late August through the beginning of October
  • Mid-November through Mid-December (with the exception of holidays)

Off-season times tend to have lower crowd counts, decreased hotel prices, and better deals with the intent of driving more people to the park. More discounts and fewer crowds sound like a fantastic plan to me!

Spend at Least Four Days at Disney World

Any Disney expert will recommend that you spend at least four days at the resort. This gives you one day per theme park.

With this in mind, a longer Disney vacation actually yields more savings. If your budget allows, try to spend four or more days in Disney World. With each extra day you spend in the parks, your price per day decreases. Plus, more time in the parks means more time to explore and eliminates the feeling of being rushed!

Get the Park Hopper Pass

Adding the Park Hopper pass to your Disney World tickets provides a layer of flexibility to your vacation. This pass enables you to visit more than one park per day, maximizing your budget.

Personally, I wouldn’t go on a Walt Disney World vacation without a Park Hopper pass. If you don’t feel like waiting 3 hours to ride the Haunted Mansion, but really want to see the countries at Epcot, you can! Just hop on the complimentary resort bus and you’re on your way. Without this pass, you can only visit one park per day which can diminish your vacation opportunities.

Colorful Sign that says Walt Disney World's All Star Resort - Orlando, Florida, USA


Stay in a Walt Disney World Hotel

Who said that Disney World vacation deals only came in monetary form? Sometimes the best way to save is by reaping the benefits offered by the resort. For instance, by staying in a Walt Disney World resort hotel, you gain access to:

  • Disney’s Magical Express (airport transportation)
  • Theme park and resort transportation
  • Extended park hours
  • Complimentary Disney MagicBands
  • And so much more

Although some Disney hotels are expensive, you’ll save overall by having access to a world of extra value! Plus, you don’t have to stay at a luxury Disney World hotel. There are many value hotels such as the All-Star Resorts.

Of course, if staying on-site isn’t an option, the Orlando area offers several discount hotels near Disney World.

Decide if the Dining Plan is Worth It

If you’re planning a Walt Disney World vacation, you’ve likely heard about the pros and cons associated with the optional dining plan. While the plan gives you the ability to book reservations far in advance, it’s a bit pricey and is known to include far too much food. Truth be told, you’ll be able to spend less overall by setting a daily food budget and sticking to it. To save money and score the best Disney World vacation deals, I’d recommend skipping the dining plan.

Consider Using Bounce Back Offers

Throughout your Disney World vacation, be on the lookout for Bounce Back Offers. These exclusive in-market offers allow you to save money on your next Disney World trip. To receive the savings, you must book your next trip while currently vacationing in Disney World. You can find information about these special offers by asking the front desk at your Disney World hotel property or resort.

Be on the Lookout for Disney World Vacation Deals

Disney discounts pop up all the time. If you have flexible vacation plans or aren’t planning on traveling for a while, it is in your best interest to set up alerts for Disney World vacation deals. Having alerts sent directly to you means you’ll never miss the opportunity to save money or apply a discount to your trip.

Alerts can be set up by signing up on the Walt Disney World website or by customizing your own Google Alert.

Book Your Disney World Trip through Tripster Orlando

No matter how much you research, plan, and hunt for the best Disney World vacation deals, it can be a chore.

When you book your trip to Disney World with Tripster Orlando, you’ll reap the benefits (and keep your sanity). Our knowledgeable Disney experts are here to help you choose the right type of tickets, answer your questions, and guide you towards the best deals. Plus, with multiple Disney World packages available, all the planning is taken care of!

Whether you book with us or you scour the Internet for savings, these tips will help you find and score the greatest Disney World vacation deals available online.

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