Cut Your Vacation Cost with Myrtle Beach Aquarium Coupons

September 10, 2018

With tickets from Tripster Myrtle Beach, you can save big—no coupon code needed!

Do you want to save money on Ripley’s Aquarium tickets? If so, you might believe you need Myrtle Beach Aquarium coupons but think again.

Ripley's Aquarium of Myrtle Beach: What to Expect

Adults and children alike love the engaging exhibits at the Myrtle Beach aquarium. A visit to this attraction takes you on a journey under the sea–literally–as one of the most popular attractions is an underwater tunnel in which you have sea life to the left, right and even above you. The Shark Lagoon lets you come face-to-face with snappers, squirrelfish, a green sea turtle, massive sharks, and more!

Other exhibits at the aquarium let you get up-close to sea creatures in a different way. In the shallow lagoon of Touch a Ray Bay, guests can reach out and touch rays as they glide by. Want to get even closer? Swimming with the Sting Rays is available too for an additional charge. You can also see mermaids at the aquarium. There are special weekend shows at 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm, and 4:00 pm where mermaids swim in the aquarium, frolicking with the aquatic life. 

Tips for Visiting Ripley's Aquarium

Instead of searching the Internet for Myrtle Beach aquarium coupons, you can save money and time by following these tips:

Purchase Tickets Online Before You Go

In addition to receiving additional savings, purchasing your Ripley's Aquarium tickets online allows you to skip the ticket line. No need to wait in the long, drawn-out admission lines. Simply bring your tickets to the entrance to be scanned in.

Visit at an Off-Peak Time, If Possible

To experience as much of the aquarium as possible, you'll want to avoid the crowds. If you can, visit at an off-peak time of day such as early morning or late afternoon. And, weekdays during the school year tend to be the least crowded times all year.

Wear Comfortable Walking Shoes

With so much to see, you'll be doing a lot of walking inside the aquarium. With this in mind, pick a pair of shoes you can comfortably walk in for several hours at a time.

Stop Searching for Myrtle Beach Aquarium Coupons

You're wasting time by searching online for Ripley's Aquarium coupons. Instead, spend your time planning the rest of your Myrtle Beach vacationReserve your discount Ripley’s Aquarium Myrtle Beach tickets today and save. No Myrtle Beach aquarium coupons required! For extra savings, be sure to bundle your Ripley's Aquarium tickets with your choice of hotel room.

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