Blue Man Group Show a Festive, Laugh-Out-Loud Party for All Ages

March 29, 2018

When on vacation in Orlando, Florida feeling blue is out of the question. The sunny skies, palm trees, and laid back atmosphere simply leave no room for the blues. The Universal Orlando Resort, however, knows a little blue is just the ticket when it comes to entertaining the masses.


Famous for their thrilling rides at Islands of Adventure and behind-the-scenes fun at Universal Studios, this Orlando theme park excels at providing quality amusement. CityWalk, their outdoor entertainment complex featuring restaurants, clubs, movies, music, shops, and dancing, also offers plenty of ways to entertain, including the Blue Man Group, who perform at the Blue Man Theater.  They provide all the blue one needs while vacationing in Orlando.

The Blue Man Group Show Experience

Before the Show

Attending a Blue Man Group show is an amazing experience for a number of reasons.  When I arrived at the massive Universal Orlando Resort complex, I quickly headed towards CityWalk and thoroughly enjoyed the sights and sounds that surrounded me.  Because CityWalk has so many things to do, I decided to take part in some pre-show festivities at the Hard Rock Café, which is located very near to the Sharp Aquos Theater.  I’ve been to several Hard Rock Cafes, and this one is definitely one of my favorites.  The rock ‘n roll memorabilia, rotating pink Cadillac and attention to good music created an atmosphere perfect for relaxing and enjoying the company of good friends.


As my 7 pm show time drew near, I made my way to the theater and easily found my seats, which were close enough to see all the action and nuances, but not close enough to have to wear a poncho. The first couple of rows of seats require patrons to wear ponchos as things can get pretty messy, pretty quickly when paint, food and blue men are on the stage.

Before the show began, my fellow audience members and I took part in what I can only call “Mass Simon Says,” as phrases are scrolled on a digital screen and the audience is prompted to repeat them.  The hilarity ensues when the phrases become pointed at certain audience members, and moreover, signals the high amount of interactivity this show requires from guests. Throughout every segment, I felt a part of the show as opposed to feeling like I was watching a show.


The Main Event

The energetic mix of music, comedy and multimedia theatrics during the Blue Man Group show create a unique production that leaves an undeniable impression, and yet, it also leaves you at a loss for words as to how to explain the show to others.  How do you explain how simple nuanced facial expressions can make an entire audience howl with laughter?  Or how a girl plucked from the audience to dine on stage with the Blue Men could make a simple scenario one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen?

Furthermore, how can one possibly put into words how gleefully fun it is to have rolls of toilet paper move over your head as you get covered in mounds of tissue?  And to describe the musical elements of the show, especially the Cyber Café segment, would be bordering on the absurd, as there are simply no words to express what my eyes witnessed.


The Wow Factor

The truly amazing thing about the Blue Man Group Show at Universal Orlando Resort is that afterward, you feel like you just watched something special.  You can’t quite put it into words, but you know you liked what you saw and even more, you can’t wipe the silly grin from your face that’s been plastered there for the past two hours.

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