When is the Best Time to Visit Maui?

October 19, 2018

Wondering when the best time to visit Maui is? Answer: Anytime!

Seriously, there’s never a bad time to jet off on a Maui escape. However, certain times of the year can lead to lower airfare rates, better weather, and fewer overall crowds. If you’re looking to maximize your time on the island and save a dollar here and there, here’s when to visit Maui.


The Top Times to Visit Maui:

April through May

Once schools return from spring break, the crowds in Maui calm down and so do the prices. This spring shoulder travel season is considered the best time to visit Maui due to its pleasant weather and small crowd sizes. Highs average anywhere from 84℉-87℉, while lows are around 66℉.

During this season, Maui also offers visitors a handful of cultural, art, and food festivals to attend. The Maui Steel Guitar Festival, held in April, is a huge event filled with talented and upcoming musicians.

September through November

Likewise, the fall shoulder season is perfect for those able to jet off to an island escape after summer tourists return to work and school. The temperatures are similar to the spring season, with lows rising to about 70℉ on average.

In the fall, Maui is home to the Aloha Festivals and Maui Ukulele Festival. Plus, if you’re interested in traveling the Road to Hana (which you must do!) the autumn season is the ideal time to do so. With fewer tourists and traffic jams along the way, you’ll have more time to enjoy the sights, lookouts, and more.

Visiting during the fall months allows you to maximize your time on the island and save money. It’s a win-win!

Whale Tail Coming Out of Ocean


The Best Time to Visit Maui: Seasonal Activities

While April through May and September through November are ideal for lower rates on travel and hotel rooms, they’re not necessarily the best times for certain outdoor activities. If you have a specific activity you’d like to do while on Maui, you may need to consider traveling in a different season.

When is the Best Time to Visit Maui for Whale Watching?

If you’re booking a trip to Maui, you’ve likely heard of the famed whale watching opportunities. In the winter season, typically from late November to March, humpback whales migrate to the Hawaiian islands. During this time, visitors can hop aboard a whale watching tour to learn more about the species and try their luck at spotting one or two!

But bring a coat! These cruises out on the open ocean tend to be a bit chilly at times.

When is the Best Time to Surf in Maui?

During the winter months, everyone escapes to Maui for plenty of sunshine and epic waves. While the waves may be too rough for a leisurely swim, surfers from all over the world flock to the island to catch the right wave.

If you’re interested in surfing, book your trip weeks or months in advance to take advantage of lower pricing before the peak travel season hits.

When is the Best Time to Swim in Maui?

If you’re traveling with young children or don’t fancy yourself a strong swimmer, visit during the summer months for safe swimming. From about late May to early September, the ocean currents are calmer and make for great swimming conditions.

However, if you’re not a fantastic swimmer, do try to choose Maui beaches that are shallow or are frequented by more people for your safety.

When Should I Visit Maui for Hiking?

If you’re more into exploring the trails or finding a waterfall, there’s never a bad time to visit Maui. The pleasant year-round weather makes for fantastic trail excursions. Do know, however, that peak travel seasons lead to crowded trails. If you’re the type of explorer who appreciates solitude while on the trail, you’ll be better off visiting during the spring and fall months.

When hiking in Maui, remember to pack a bag, bring plenty of water, and lather up that sunscreen!


The Best Time to Visit Maui: Know Before You Go

Now that you know when to visit Maui, it’s time to start planning your getaway. However, before you do, here’s a few bits advice that’ll come in handy.

Book Travel in Advance

To ensure you receive the most competitive rates on airfare, hotel packages, and activities on Maui, organize and book your vacation in advance. Throughout this process, be sure to:

  • Track flight prices through tools such as Google Flights.
  • Research hotel and activity packages for the lowest rates.
  • Devise a daily itinerary to stay organized.

Plus, these tricks come in handy no matter when you choose to visit Maui.

Also, when booking your flight, look at the difference in pricing for direct versus connecting flights. Depending on the airport you intend to fly out of, direct flights may be far more expensive. Or, if possible, you may be able to connect through Oahu as well for a lower price. While a direct flight is far more convenient, it will increase your overall price.

Pack Appropriately

While the weather in Maui is lovely, it can get chilly—especially closer to the coast. Make sure you bring a sweatshirt or two for those cold windy nights by the ocean. If you need help deciding what to bring to Maui, use our packing list for guidance!

When Will You Travel to Maui?

Now that you’ve discovered when the best time to visit Maui is, start planning your vacation. Remember to bundle your hotel room with your choice of luau or activity tickets for even greater travel discounts!

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