10 Aquatica San Diego Tips for the Best Day Ever

May 24, 2017

Before you go, read our Aquatica San Diego tips to guarantee your family has the time of their lives.

Have you been searching far and wide for a water park the entire family will enjoy? If so, Aquatica San Diego (by SeaWorld) should be your top choice. From thrilling water slides to private cabanas, this water park has it all.

1. Arrive as Early as Possible

To ensure a safe and exciting experience for all guests, Aquatica San Diego has a limited per-day capacity. Arriving as early as possible will confirm your family’s entrance to the water park. Otherwise, you may be faced with a full water park and some unhappy family members.
While Aquatica San Diego’s hours of operation vary per day, the park opens daily at 10:00 am.

2. Bring Extra Money for Parking

A day at a water park can add up quickly between tickets, food, and other extraneous expenses. When visiting Aquatica San Diego, always make sure you have extra money for parking. The parking fees are as follows:

  • $15 for Cars
  • $20 for RVs
  • $10 for Motorcycles

Remember, arriving early will also help you claim the best parking spots!

Image via Aquatica San Diego / Facebook

3. Know What to Bring

When visiting a popular water park such as Aquatica San Diego, it is best to be prepared. Make sure you bring the following items for your trip:

  • Appropriate swim attire
  • Towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses

If you wish to bring a personal life vest, it must be in good condition and clearly marked with a USCG - Type II or Type III approval. Life vests must also be approved and tagged by Aquatica San Diego staff in order to be worn. Also, note that the park does offer life vests free of charge for guests.

4. Know What Not to Bring

Listen up! This is one of the most important Aquatica San Diego tips.
To provide a safe environment for all guests, Aquatica San Diego does not allow the following items into the park:

  • Flotation devices such as noodles, swimmies, in-suit flotation devices, personal swim rings, and boogie boards
  • Swim masks
  • Coolers of any kind
  • Umbrellas
  • Wagons for carrying children/items
  • Furniture such as folding chairs

As a family-friendly water park, Aquatica San Diego offers a world of amenities for guests. Many of the services and items you need are already offered within the park.

5. Don’t Bring Outside Food

Aquatica San Diego does not allow guests to bring outside food or beverages into the water park. However, for frugal individuals like myself, there are a few ways to navigate around this rule:

  • Empty refillable water bottles may be brought into the park.
  • Have a picnic in the designated area outside the park before entering.
  • To purchase more affordable food outside the park and return, remember to have your hand stamped.

I highly recommend bringing in a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day. Just remember to empty all liquid before you pass through the water park entrance.

6. Know What Your Family Can/Cannot Eat

Speaking of food…
Aquatica San Diego understands that guests may have specific food allergies or dietary restrictions. To accommodate this, the park has created “Allergen Cards” that detail what guests can and cannot eat. Simply visit Guest Services or any of the meal areas throughout the park to request your card. If you have questions, ask to speak with a supervisor about your particular restrictions. The staff is happy to help you find something tasty and safe to eat!

Image via Aquatica San Diego / Facebook

7. Reserve a Private Cabana

As one of my personal favorite Aquatica San Diego tips, I suggest reserving a private cabana for your family. When you reserve a cabana, you can choose from Standard, Premium, or Ultimate cabanas which each offer a wide variety of amenities including:

  • Wi-Fi
  • A private area for your family to relax
  • A welcome basket
  • Mini-fridge
  • Bottled water
  • And more

Considering the limited capacity of the park, these reservations fill up fast! Be sure to book yours well in advance.

8. Rent a Locker

Carrying your bags and items around the water park is not ideal. Instead, rent the locker size that suits your family and enjoy a carefree day at Aquatica San Diego. Standard lockers are available for $12, large lockers for $15, and jumbo lockers for $20.

9. Take Advantage of the Cashless Wristband

Remember the days when you’d have to carry a plastic Ziploc bag with your cash/credit cards and other personal items around the park and on rides? Say goodbye to that pesky plastic bag and “Hello!” to cashless wristbands at Aquatica San Diego.

Cashless wristbands allow families to splash, swim, and play to their heart’s desire without worrying about or carrying their monetary belongings. When you arrive, present your credit card to pre-authorize $50 for your wristband. When you use up this amount, the system will automatically pre-authorize another $50 to your wristband.

To pay, all you have to do is scan your wristband at any meal service or gift shop register.

Use Quick Queue to head to the front of the line!

10. Use the Quick Queue

Considering this park is quite popular, one of the ultimate Aquatica San Diego tips is to use the Quick Queue option. By purchasing this additional experience, you’ll receive priority (and speedy) boarding on some of the top water park rides including:

  • Kiwi Curl
  • Walhalla Wave®
  • Whanau Way
  • Tassie's Twister
  • Woohoo Falls®

Instead of spending the majority of your days waiting in line, you’ll already be speeding down the waterslides you love most!

Use These Aquatica San Diego Tips for a Memorable Experience

For a smooth and enjoyable day at the water park for all, be sure to follow our Aquatica San Diego tips.

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