Tripster Second Quarter 2017 Sales Increased 13.3% to $10.5 Million vs. 2Q2016

Tripster Additionally Reported a Record Sales Month in July 2017

St. Louis, Missouri – August 16, 2017 Tripster providing travelers with tickets to theme parks, shows, tours, activities, and attractions bundled with hotels for 14 vacation markets in the U.S., today announced the Company’s second quarter and first half 2017 sales results. The Company also reported sales for the month of July, the peak month of the travel industry’s summer vacation season and a record sales month in Tripster’s 15 years of operations. Summer season travel is a recognized indicator of the strength of the sector and key indicator for Tripster’s sales performance and marketing initiatives.

For the three months ending June 30th, 2017, Tripster recorded $10.5 million in revenue, a 13.3% increase versus the same period last year. Contributing to the increase in revenue includes maturation of markets launched over the last 12-18 months, increase in organic traffic and “Bundle it!”—a feature that provides price breaks for customers that combine their tickets with hotels in a single purchase.

For the six-month period ended June 30, 2017, Tripster’s first-half revenue increased 6.3%, to $16.6 million, versus the same period in 2016. The Company’s revenue growth was attributed to a 9.25% increase in orders to 66,363, versus 60,746 for the same period in 2016.

For the three and six-month period ended June 30, 2017 and June 30, 2016

(in $ dollars) 2Q2017 2Q2016 % 1H2017 1H2016 %
Hotel Bookings $1,860,372 $2,128,764 -12.6% $3,303,700 $3,621,793 -8.7%
Events & Shows Ticketing $2,322,935 $2,097,960 10.7% $3,705,763 $3,439,849 7.7%
Attractions & Tours Ticketing $6,230,861 $5,040,443 19.1% $9,590,379 $8,480,785 11.5%
TOTALS $10,504,168 $9,267,167 13.3% $16,599,842 $15,542,427 6.3%

Tripster’s July 2017 Sales Increase a Record 24% Year-Over-Year
The month of July marks the peak of the travel industry’s Summer season that includes June, August. Tripster believes this three-month period provides valuable insight into its ability accelerate growth in new markets, continually gain market share in existing destinations, and measure new initiatives. From July 1s to July 31st, Tripster increased sales revenue by 24% and orders by 18% versus the same month period in July, 2016.

For the 31-days ended July 2017 and 2016

(in $ dollars) July2017 July2016 % 3Q2017
Hotel Bookings $844,656 $842,847 0% $1,669,491 $1,636,756 2%
Events & Shows Ticketing $1,100,685 $1,118,259 -1.5% $2,538,089 $2,464,165 3%
Attractions & Tours Ticketing $4,202,646 $3,008,169 39.7% $7,651,817 $6,072,871 26%
TOTALS $6,147,987 $4,969,275 23.7% $11,859,397 $10,173,792 16.5%

About Tripster
Since 2001, Tripster has provided more than 2.5 million travelers with destination-specific travel planning and reservation services for ticketed events, world-renown theme parks, adventure activities, tours, theatrical and music shows, plus hotels and lodging. Using a proprietary booking engine, Tripster customers can access first-hand content and reviews to plan and book entire vacations within a single transaction. In addition, the Company also provides destination marketing organizations and travel suppliers reservation and packaging fulfillment services through white label versions of their proprietary system. Tripster is based in St. Louis MO and currently operates dedicated destination websites in Branson, MO; Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN; Myrtle Beach, SC; Williamsburg, VA; New York, NY; San Diego and Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; the Hawaiian Islands; Destin, Panama City Beach, St. Augustine and Orlando, FL.